June 6, 2014

Telit to revolutionise the M2M market with Gemalto’s innovative embedded SIM concept

Rome, 24 October 2007 – Telit Wireless Solutions, a global leader in the field of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, is unveiling the GE863-SIM, an innovative module solution integrating the "Embedded SIM" Gemalto product, M2M card. The new quad-band module in the GE product range is the fruit of close technological cooperation with Gemalto, the world leader in digital security. This new module has been designed specifically for the requirements of M2M applications. Telit’s customers stand to benefit from the SIM’s enhanced reliability, as well as considerable cost savings and efficiency in the development and production of their M2M solutions. The first Telit GE863-SIM modules will be available from October 2007.

This module is the first ever to feature the innovative M2M card concept within an M2M card. Gemalto is the first supplier of these SIMs, which include specific M2M features and have a new form factor embedded directly into the M2M module at the manufacturing stage. This eliminates any manual operation, such as insertion and configuration and significantly reduces the related costs.

Technology partnership
"Gemalto is a world-wide leader in the development of SIM-based solutions and services and particularly active in the M2M market. Given the business opportunity of the M2M market, the choice of the technological partner quickly became strategic, and the name of Gemalto came across as obvious," says Dominikus Hierl, President of Telit Wireless Solutions.

The M2M card product developed by Gemalto is of particular importance, since the SIMs used in the M2M sector need to satisfy very specific demands such as robustness to last 10 years and resistance to extreme temperatures between -40°C and +85°C, vibrations, shocks and humidity.

"In order to respond to M2M industry challenges, Gemalto is developing a new long-life SIM card, with special M2M specifications and Over-The-Air mechanisms. This new, more robust and immovable SIM will reduce the logistics on behalf of the mobile network operators (MNOs) and reduce the cost of ownership for all players within the value chain," says Jean-François Schreiber, SVP Gemalto Operated Services.

Simple integration and assembly
The new GE863-SIM has the same form factor and software interfaces as all the other modules in the GE863 product range. This means that it can be integrated into existing customer designs with only minimal adaptations. The tried-and-tested BGA assembly concept (Ball Grid Array) facilitates straightforward, cost-saving assembly without plugs or cables. With its small external dimensions, the GE863-SIM is also particularly ideal for applications where a compact format is crucial.

Market opportunities for mobile network operators
The GE863-SIM GSM/GPRS module, with its M2M card, which remains under the full control and administration of the Telecom Operators, is suitable for all M2M sectors. The Automated Meter Reading (AMR) sector will benefit particularly well from the advantages of this new module due to the fact that AMR applications require the SIM card to have a long service life and are a popular target for thieves. The GE863-SIM also offers various market opportunities for mobile network operators and mobile virtual network operators who want to get involved in the rapidly growing M2M market. Operators of mobile network services will therefore in future not only be able to set up access to the mobile telephone network, but will also provide all hardware and additional services in a single package.

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