February 10, 2017

Telit Supports Shenzhen Mobicom Telematics in Building a More Secure and More Scalable IoT Platform

Telit Supports Shenzhen Mobicom Telematics in Building a More Secure and More Scalable IoT Platform

China, February 13, 2017 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that Shenzhen Mobicom Telematics Co., Ltd, China’s leading integrated products and service solution provider of Telematics, is adopting the Telit IoT Portal – powered by the deviceWISE platform – to manage its increasing number of GPS tracking devices and the massive data produced as it expands its business.

Founded in 2015, Mobicom Telematics is dedicated to offering complete embedded design, development and manufacturing services to clients in the Telematics segment. Services span various hardware, firmware and application software. The company offers GPS Fleet Management & Fuel Monitoring platforms for passenger vehicles, heavy trucks and equipment, and global remote security asset tracking systems. Mobicom Telematics also offers its solution for various applications by integrating sensors such as digital fuel level sensors, digital cameras, RFID readers for driver identification, scanners for cargo delivery and logistics, and temperature sensors for food transportation. It boasts self-developed GPS car-carrying trackers and a stable backstage tracking service system. At present, its core product, GPS tracker, is not only available in the domestic market, but is expanding in overseas markets in Latin America and South Asia.

As the Telematics market keeps heating up, and the design and installment of basic trackers and trackers with an OBD portal have become easier, the sales volume of Mobicom Telematics is growing, especially their G102 trackers. A water-proof compact basic GPS tracker, G102 is capable of locking the car by blocking the oil circuit, finding the car by remote control, and imposing deterrence. For its stability and high cost performance, during the past two years, over 40,000 G102 trackers were sold in the C-end vehicle security markets in 31 countries worldwide.

“Since its establishment, Mobicom Telematics is evolving by leaps and bounds. We hope that, while growing rapidly, the company can provide our customers with a more secure and more scalable platform for the tracking and operation of the IoT. Should we continue pouring lots of resources to the independent development of a cloud platform, or find a suitable, trustworthy and professional platform provider, forge intimate partnership and give full play to the two parties’ advantages? We carefully deliberated on this question,” said Hu Chang, sales director of Mobicom Telematics, in his explanation of why choosing to cooperate with a platform provider.

“Because we already have a cloud platform and a series of application software, we had lots of factors to consider when selecting an IoT platform provider. It’s not merely about changing into a brand-new platform, but more importantly to us and our professional TSP customers, it’s about better accommodating the existing platform and application with the new one, and maintaining its scalability and stability while using it,” Wang Wei, CTO of Mobicom Telematics added. “After several rounds of comparison, we selected Telit. We believe that with years of experience in the field of the IoT and its professional platform and service, Telit is capable of helping us build a safer and more scalable platform for the tracking and operation of the IoT. So far, facts prove that the support from Telit is always timely and professional.”

“For now, Mobicom Telematics has already started to use the Telit IoT Portal, and integrate with it the self-owned Web application software and mobile App platform. Considering industrial particularity and usage habits, Mobicom Telematics will continue to use its former platform’s login and operation interface, while the back-end data will be managed and controlled by Telit. Customers of Mobicom Telematics can conduct in-time tracking, replay historical running data, and give vehicle control instructions. Besides, with air update, the platform change will ensure a smooth operation”

Wang Yun, business development director of Telit IoT Platforms in the Asia-Pacific Region, remarked: “It’s a pleasure for us to be chosen as Mobicom Telematics’ IoT Platform. The basic principle that the Telit loT Platform adheres to is simplicity and security, with which we help our customers develop their own applications rapidly, reduce cost, and accelerate product launching. We believe in the platform’s security, compatibility and scalability. It is with these characteristics that the platform underpins the rapid development of Mobicom Telematics’ businesses, and thus enables the customers to integrate into the development of IoT.”

As a leading enabler in the global IoT industry, the Telit IoT Portal integrates all equipment, productive assets and remote sensors seamlessly with web-based programs, mobile application programs and enterprise systems by connecting “things” to “apps.” This comprehensive IoT platform, with all the key functions of linking, management and integration, can be used for a scalable and safe IoT deployment. With such unrivaled advantages as built-in connection management, remote device management, edge intelligence, enterprise integration, end-to-end security, customized application program development, control panel, and big data analysis capability, it helps reduce risks involved in the process of IoT solutions deployment; shortens product launching time, complexity and cost; and provides monitoring, controlling, industrial automation, asset tracking and on-site services to all industries and industrial segments worldwide.

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