June 6, 2014

Telit supports KUANTIC in the development of innovative telematics solutions

Rome, 6 November 2007 – Telit Wireless Solutions, an international leader in the field of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, is supporting KUANTIC as it develops its Dynatik range of products. The French specialist in fleet management solutions is using the GE863 module from Telit to help it do this. With innovative Dynatik products, Telit and KUANTIC have markedly simplified the overall process chain in M2M communication, thereby highlighting their commitment to this highly promising market.

Dynatik is KUANTIC’s response to the growing demands of the global logistics and fleet management market. Dynatik telematics boxes are cheap, easy to operate and most importantly easy to install. The SIM card needed to operate M2M solutions is already integrated during the production stage. Users therefore do not need to activate the SIM card, but rather the entire box. To facilitate this, KUANTIC has developed a special Extranet, via which the devices can be activated directly at the network operator’s. To do this, all the user needs is the device’s serial number.

KUANTIC is thereby considerably simplifying the overall processes involved in M2M communication. "So far, for companies who use M2M applications in large volumes in particular, this involved considerable additional outlay. Our equipment puts this problem in the past," says Jean Falchero, President of KUANTIC.

Flexible fleet management application

The innovative, low-cost products in the Dynatik range help logistics companies to constantly keep an eye on their vehicles, containers or freight goods. With Dynatik, it is possible to trace precisely whether a vehicle was stationary or when it was moved. Construction companies, for example, can thus check whether the equipment and plant they have hired has also been used at the weekend for private use. Dynatik also helps companies locate their vehicles or calculate the kilometres they have travelled. Car hire firms, for example, receive a signal as soon as the vehicle exceeds a pre-defined number of kilometres. Logistics companies are also alerted by a similar type of signal if the number of kilometres reaches the figure at which the next inspection is required.

All information is sent via GPRS to a fleet management platform whose scope and functionality can be tailored flexibly to suit the user’s needs. The volume of data transferred is less than two MB per month, which has a positive impact on operating costs. For smaller companies, the monthly costs are around Euro 30 over a running time of 36 months, for example.

KUANTIC relies on Telit

The GE863 module from Telit provides reliable GPRS transfer. Thanks to its BGA concept (Ball Grid Array), it is extremely easy to integrate compared to other modules on the market. Additional plugs and cables are not required. Telit and KUANTIC have been collaborating since 2004. So far, KUANTIC has used Telit’s GM862 module. Thanks to the Telit product range concept, the switchover to the new module did not involve any additional development work for KUANTIC. That’s because all of Telit’s products are easily scalable. Telit is always on hand to provide a rapid response to technical queries from KUANTIC’s developers. What’s more, Telit also markets its modules at very attractive prices.

"The fleet management market is an extremely hard-fought market. Attractive module prices and a clear migration outlay are therefore crucial for our customers – and highlight our commitment to the global M2M market," explains Dominikus Hierl, President Telit Wireless Solutions.

About Kuantic

Kuantic was founded in 2003 by Jean Falchero and Bernard Fouché with the goal of answering the M2M market’s needs. The company does not sell its products directly to its customers but supplies its telematics boxes for M2M business to Orange business services. It develops products tailored to the needs of the different markets such as Industry, Vehicles, Vending machines or Telemetry. Today KUANTIC is Europe’s leading vendor for fleet management solutions and the leader in M2M business in France with approximately 70% market share. KUANTIC was the first M2M Orange dealer in France. The company relies on a major network of installers in France consisting of more than 750 companies. The M2M specialist currently sells its products in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain. Companies such as GEFCO and AXA ASSISTANCE rely on KUANTIC’s products and solutions.

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