June 6, 2014

Telit Revolutionizes M2M Market with Dual CPU Concept

Trieste, 23rd July 2007 – Telit Wireless Solutions, the global leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, unveiled today the newest addition to its GE product family, the GE863-PRO3 module. Equipped with two powerful microprocessors, this quad-band module is suited for a wide range of applications requiring high processing power. With the same form factor as the compact GE863, tried-and-tested BGA mounting technology and an integrated memory for software applications, the GE863-PRO3 also offers significant cost benefits for the development and production of complex M2M solutions. The groundbreaking Telit GE863-PRO3 module will be available during the fourth quarter 2007.

The new GE863-PRO3 GSM/GPRS module is the first module in the Telit PRO3 professional dual-processor product line. Thanks to its integrated ARM9 processor, software applications can take full control of the CPU, while the GPRS-based band processor handles time-critical communication tasks. The module can be programmed in Python and C++ programming language.

"With the GE863-PRO3, Telit becomes the first M2M supplier to offer a dual core concept with independent processors for communication operations and customer real-time applications. This is a crucial advantage over comparable rival products where all applications run on a single CPU," says Dominikus Hierl, President of Telit Wireless Solutions.

ARM9 processor at the heart of the system

The powerful ATMEL ARM9 processor enables control of real-time applications that require up to 200 MIPS. The Telit GE863-PRO3 is therefore ideally suited to applications requiring high processing power such as point-of-sale terminals, fleet management systems and multimode Automated Meter Reading (AMR) applications.

The GE863-PRO3 also features integrated memories (Flash and RAM) and independent energy management for both CPUs, eliminating the need for additional external memory in the application design. It is therefore easier and more cost-effective for Telit customers to incorporate the GE863-PRO3 into the design of their product.

Cost-effective development and integration

The GE863-PRO3 has the same form factor and software interfaces as all other modules of the GE863 family, ensuring it can be easily integrated into existing customer designs with minimum adaptation. The tried-and-tested BGA (Ball Grid Array) installation concept allows straightforward, cost-saving hardware integration with no connectors and cables. Due to the dedicated ARM9 processor, integrated memory, drivers and reference designs, the GE863-PRO3 achieves an unbeatable final product time-to-market performance, while reducing the application development costs.

With its external dimensions of just 41 x 31 x 3.6 mm, the GE863-PRO3 is particularly suitable for applications where a compact form is important. Like all other Telit products, the GE863-PRO³ is fully certified for all relevant international markets. Therefore customers avoid additional costs and wasting time on complex testing procedures and benefit above all from a faster market launch of their products.

Fast upgrades and interfaces

Thanks to its integrated FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) solution, the GE863-PRO3 offers the benefits of remote software updates. This function enables system integrators and developers to ensure that the firmware of the product can be upgraded with the latest enhancements and features. Furthermore, the advantage of FOTA will be made available for the customer application software. This allows total remote device management, giving the possibility of improving the functionalities of the application devices while dramatically reducing the cost of ownership of the product.

In addition to wireless installation of firmware upgrades, the module also features the following interfaces: SPI, IIC, SD/MMC and USB, allowing reliable connectivity with peripheral hardware or software such as a camera, keyboard, display, WiFi, Bluetooth or ZigBee.

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