June 27, 2018

Telit Named a Leading IoT Device Management Vendor in MachNation’s Latest ScoreCard Two Years in a Row

Telit Named a Leading IoT Device Management Vendor in MachNation’s Latest ScoreCard Two Years in a Row

Telit’s IoT Portal and deviceWISE platform overshadows 17 other vendors showcasing the company’s leadership in integration, lifecycle management, architecture and security, and business and strategy

ScoreCard reinforces Telit’s strengths including industrial and LwM2M device management capabilities, excellent developer support and extensive cloud integration

London, June 27, 2018 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that MachNation has ranked Telit as a leading IoT device management vendor for the second consecutive year. The accolade is the latest recognition of Telit’s leadership in accelerating IoT deployments with strengths in rapid device integration and overall life-cycle management to reduce long term total cost of ownership.

MachNation’s 2018 IoT Device Management (DM) ScoreCard analyzed 17 vendors with solutions for deploying, provisioning, upgrading and managing IoT assets placing Telit as a leading vendor. The analysis spanned four categories: integration, lifecycle management, architecture and security, and business and strategy. MachNation ranked Telit as a leader based on the strength of Telit’s IoT Portal and Telit deviceWISE platform.

Highlights of MachNation’s ScoreCard includes Telit’s recently adopted support for OMA LWM2M which enables customers to leverage a next-generation, standardized, device management protocol alongside existing protocols and connected assets. Building on top of an already capable cloud trigger system, Telit has made improvement to data workflows and cloud-to-cloud integrations, enabling customers to easily manage complex functionality through heavily productized interfaces and reducing complexity and development costs.  Also noted, is Telit’s excellent developer support across the entirety of the offering. The company provides nearly every developer-enabling aspect desired by a customer including a comprehensive and cogent platform.

For guidance on investing in IoT platforms, access to a TCO calculator and more information on Telit’s unique strengths as cited by MachNation, visit http://contact.www.telit.com/iot-build-vs-buy.

“IoT device management is a rapid growth market segment, and a critically important part of the complex mix of technologies required to successfully bring IoT to life for the enterprise,” said Shawn Reynolds, CMO for Telit. “We’re honored to be identified as a leader in MachNation’s annual IoT Device Management ScoreCard, which is a must-read for businesses and service providers that are leading the digital transformation of business.”

“MachNation, the leading analyst firm in researching and testing IoT platforms, looks deeply at the technology and strategies of IoT device management vendors,” said Dima Tokar, Head of Research, MachNation. “Having extensively reviewed developer documentation, received dozens of live product demonstrations, and heavily researched platform microservices, we are always excited to find a leading platform like the one from Telit.”

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