June 6, 2014

Telit M2M Module Enables Jamming Resistant Alarm System from Mercosul Tecnologia

GPRS Flex is a high security alarm monitoring system equipped with the GE864-QUAD V2 and comes protected against cellular intruders and signals jammers

São Paulo, Brazil – October 23, 2013 – Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, products and services, and Mercosul Tecnologia, a developer of IT solution systems, today announced that Telit’s GE864-QUAD V2 is the M2M module selected for the GPRS FLEX, an electronic security system equipped with anti-jamming functionality that allows data to be securely sent from any alarm or sensor over mobile, wireless networks.

The GPRS FLEX offers a quick, safe and economic way to connect monitored alarms and security devices with monitored centers without the need for landlines or internet infrastructure. The system also comes equipped with a revolutionary anti-jamming capability. With jammers readily available, burglars and invaders have been using them to block cellular and alarms signals. The GPRS FLEX uses an innovative technology that detects the use of jammers and steers the electronic security system to a secondary connection.

The GPRS FLEX is M2M enabled through Telit’s GE864-QUAD V2 module, an ultra-compact, low-power, quad-band GSM/GPRS 3GPP Release 4 that features one of the broadest certification profiles in its class making it easily deployable anywhere in the global market. Modules in this series are capable of data rates of 48Kbps GPRS Class 10 also supporting 9.6Kpbs Circuit Switch Data (CSD) transfers, ensuring connectivity even in poor coverage areas.

"Mercosul Tecnologia was one the first LATAM companies to apply GPRS communication for security systems, and since 2005 we have used GSM modules from different manufacturers," said José Adalberto Botezelli, Mercosul Tecnologia CTO and co-founder. "Telit’s modules are, without a doubt, the most reliable, stable, feature-rich and bug-free in the world market today."

"The anti-jamming feature in Mercosul Tecnologia’s GPRS FLEX is game-changing for this segment and a testament to the truly world class solutions developed in the LATAM market," said Ricardo Buranello, Telit Latin America Director. "Telit is proud to provide the tools to enable Mercosul Tecnologia to develop such ideas and solutions."

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About Mercosul Tecnologia

Mercosul Tecnologia develops and executes IT electronic devices, systems and tools, supplying complete service on the IT segment, putting at the customers disposal all our human and structure resources to attend to all their needs.

Using only state of the art technology, our engineering and computer science team comes from major national and international technological institutions.

Part of ABZ Group, Mercosul Tecnologia has on its portfolio innumerous customer success cases such GPRS central monitored alarm and telemetry systems as temperature, humidity, reservoir levels controls, among others.

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