June 6, 2014

Telit launches Ultra-Compact Standalone A-GPS Module

London, October 12, 2011 – Telit Wireless Solutions, an internationally leading specialist in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, launches the SE868 and SL868 – two state-of-the-art 48-channel standalone A-GPS modules for Telit GSM/GPRS modules. They stand out through high sensitivity, extremely low power consumption and extended ephemeris injection for fastest TTFF (Time To First Fix). The low profile and small size of the QFN (SE868) / LCC (SL868) package enables the design of ultra-compact applications, significantly reducing the solution cost and required space. The target markets are size-critical positioning applications, tracking and tracing solutions as well as wireless/GPS combo applications that require an extremely quick fix (< 2 seconds).With a footprint of merely 11 x 11 mm, the SE868 is the smallest module in the Telit portfolio, due to QFN (quad-flat no-leads) packaging. This mounting technique is ideal for medium and high volume applications. The SL868 features LCC packaging and is therefore additionally suited for low volume applications that require manual soldering or reworking.

The SE868 and SL868 facilitate highly energy-efficient applications. In contrast to host-based GPS modules, the standalone modules work independently from a GSM module or application microprocessor. This means that they can run while the GSM/GPRS module or the application microprocessor is in power savings mode or powered off. Moreover, the availability of sophisticated low power modes enables the modules to keep and track position and dynamic parameters with less power consumption.

Equipped for highest tracking performance
Assisted GPS speeds up the TTFF, using information from external sources. A typical application is the injection of an external ephemeris (EE) file, either self-generated (CGEE) or server generated (SGEE). The modules support Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) like WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS and GAGAN. They are equipped with an internal software engine, able to locally predict the ephemeris for three days in advance starting from ephemeris data collected by satellites.

The modules use flash memory to store A-GPS data, making them independent from external aid. Additionally, flash based GPS modules can be software upgraded.

Telit’s SE868/SL868 feature a high sensitivity and provide a jamming remover function. This enables them to perform acquisition and tracking under noisy conditions. They are equipped with integrated LNA as well as a wide set of interfaces like UART, I2C, and SPI.

"Telit’s SE868 and SL868 coupled with a Telit GSM/GPRS module represent the ideal wireless plus GPS solution in terms of total cost effectiveness and time-to-market readiness", says Dominikus Hierl, CMO at Telit Wireless Solutions. "With their ultra-compact design the modules are perfect for m2m combined applications and mobile/tracking data devices."

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