April 6, 2020

Telit Enables Kumpan’s Telematics Ridesharing e-Scooter Solution

Full range of Telit products including modules, connectivity and platform provide an all-in-one solution, simplifying internal processes

Kumpan’s telematics solution ensures worldwide network coverage, with the ability to switch between networks and prioritize network providers

London, April 6, 2020 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a new partnership with Kumpan, the electric scooter designer and manufacturer on a mission to ensure the next wave of classic European scooters are completely electric, silent and connected. Providing a full range of best-in-class products, Telit is equipping Kumpan with an all-in-one solution to ensure its new 1954 Ri electric scooter delivers on its promise to make ridesharing simple.

Kumpan’s e-scooter sharing solutions includes front and backend management systems:

  • Live tracking with free floating and stationary sharing locations
  • User registration, booking of scooters and payment processing via the app
  • Rentals and returns, as well as, service planning and management
  • Ridesharing, fleet tracking and optimization of utilization analyses
  • Open APIs for connection to any fleet-management software

The overall growth in the shared mobility market has exponentially increased in the past three years. Multiple reports from 2019 indicate an increase from 2018 in the number of countries and cities that implemented scooter sharing systems, with the number of registered users jumping significantly worldwide.

Telit’s solution includes:

  • Cellular and Bluetooth modules – form factors designed to fit any project to use anywhere.
  • Telit simWISE connectivity – provides greater flexibility and functionality than a standard SIM card at a much lower cost with added convenience. With integrated cryptographic capabilities, it connects to any carrier network.
  • Telit IoT Platform – allows for connecting, integrating and managing, with visibility, control, interoperability and intelligent insights across the global IoT value chain.

“We have long envisioned e-scooter sharing as a steppingstone in the mobility revolution and needed a partner to help us realize our goal of designing and producing a tailor-made electric scooter perfect for the sharing market,” said Philipp Tykesson, co-founder and chief sales and marketing officer at Kumpan. “Telit offered us a full range of products in an all-in-one solution that not only simplified our internal processes but also opened for us new horizons while enabling overall growth and expansion as we work toward tackling critical transportation and sustainability challenges.”

“We are proud to partner with a visionary company like Kumpan, whose e-scooters are improving—directly and indirectly—the everyday lives of its customers,” said Carlos Perez, president sales at Telit. “It also validates our leadership in providing forward-thinking and environmentally conscious enterprises with embedded, secure connectivity solutions that enable them to enter and compete in emerging markets.”

For more information, read the Kumpan case study on Telit.com.

Kumpan Logo

About e-bility GmbH

Kumpan Electric (e-bility GmbH) is an international e-mobility company. The product portfolio includes electric pedal and motor scooters as well as portable and universally applicable energy storage systems.

The company was founded in 2010 by the three brothers Patrik, Daniel and Philipp Tykesson in Remagen, near Bonn, Germany. Kumpan Electric combines classic vehicle design with sustainable, innovative technology. The new product generation 1954 Ri is designed, developed and produced in Germany. Ranges of up to 186 kilometers can be achieved, which corresponds to a range of up to 62 km per battery, according to test standard EVE 134/2014. In addition, to end customer business, Kumpan is also active in the B2B area. Kumpan scooters and technology are used as white label solutions by companies offering e-scooter sharing in cities for local public utilities companies or energy suppliers.

Kumpan Electric is available in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, the USA and Canada.

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