September 4, 2014

Telit Attends GNSS & LBS Annual Conference: Showcases its GNSS Series Modules

A comprehensive GNSS portfolio based on a combination of strategic partnership agreements with leading edge chipset companies and global module manufacturing expertise will be presented.

Beijing, China, September 11, 2014 –Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) modules, services and solutions, will be attending The 3rd GNSS & LBS Annual Conference and Exhibition held at Beijing International Convention Center. Organized by GNSS and LBS Association of China, the Conference is the most authoritative gathering of the industry; it brings together renowned experts, academics, corporate representatives and government officials of the Chinese navigation circle to interpret and exchange ideas on the policies, standards and development strategies for the satellite navigation and location service industry, Beidou/GNSS navigation application and terminal technologies, as well as the challenges faced by Internet location services. In addition there are exhibits of the latest technologies, products and application achievements.

As the globally recognized leading player in M2M industry, Telit has over 20 years of design and development experience in the GNSS area. Its GNSS module products feature an ultra-sensitive RF front-end that supports passive antennas; they have high-value characteristics such as TRAIM and dual-constellation or even multi-constellation synchronous tracking and dead reckoning support. They can operate independently or in conjunction with other Telit cellular modules.  The wide range of GNSS module products that Telit has brought to the Exhibition include: Jupiter SL871, Jupiter SL869 V2, Jupiter SL869, Jupiter SE880, Jupiter JF2 and Jupiter JN3.

Telit Jupiter SL871 and Jupiter SL869 V2 are positioning modules based on the low-power MT3333 from MediaTek. Both modules support GPS, Beidou, GLONASS and Galileo satellite systems, and pro¬vide positioning data through standard UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter). The Jupiter SL871 is the smallest multi-constellation GNSS in Telit’s portfolio. It features an ultra-sensitive RF front-end that enables multi-GNSS indoor fix, fast fix and navigation in challenging outdoor scenarios such as dense urban areas. With similar product characteristics, but in a different form factor to that of Jupiter SL871, the Jupiter SL869 V2 module is offered in a 16 x 12.2mm LCC package that is the same size as that of SL869/JN3 series GNSS modules, a feature that can help customers easily expand product application. Based on its ultra-compact design and wide temperature range, the Jupiter SL869 V2 is the ideal positioning and navigation module for low, medium and high capacity m2m applications and mobile/tracking data devices.

The Jupiter JF2 and JN3, which feature the most advanced 48-channel high-sensitivity GPS receiver and extremely low power consumption, will also be display. The ultra-sensitive Jupiter SE880 is the smallest and most advanced 48-channel GPS SiP module in the world. These modules are widely used in application areas including tracking devices, and personal consumer electronics, such as sport watches, digital cameras and tablet PCs.

In the information society, over 80% of the information is related to “position” and “time”, with the satellite navigation and positioning technologies expanding quickly into wider professional applications.  For example, surveying and exploration, geographic information, geological disaster monitoring, precision agriculture and forestry and national defense. Consumer applications include in-car navigation, intelligent transportation systems, location-based personal services and wearable equipment. And the compatibility and interoperability of different GNSS navigation systems has also become a major focal point and development direction in today’s global satellite navigation sector. In addition, the demand for positioning module products that support multi-constellation navigation including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou has also been rising.

In China the service performance of the Beidou system is being constantly improved and Telit is in line with the comprehensive promotion and industrialization dynamics of the Beidou application. The company joined forces with MediaTek to successively launch two multi-constellation positioning products: the Jupiter SL869 V2 and Jupiter SL871 modules, which support Beidou, GPS and GLONASS systems, thereby offering more options for positioning product manufacturers in China.

“One of the advantages of Telit’s GNSS module product is multi-constellation navigation and tracking,” says Taneli Tuurnala, CEO of Telit GNSS Solutions, “We have been focusing on the GNSS sector for a number of years and our leading advantage undoubtedly lies in our broad product scope and professional technology support. We are committed to providing more comprehensive positioning module products to customers both in China and globally, and offering leading positioning service solutions to consumer and industrial devices by leveraging our substantial market experience, global technology support network and logistics capabilities and the company’s One Stop. One SHOP. offer.”

With over 12 years of unparalleled focus on M2M, reducing technical risk and shortening time to market for OEMs and integrators, Telit’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. delivers all necessary services and products to connect assets to the Internet of Things. Whether sourcing single products or full end-to-end solutions, customers count on Telit to deliver M2M’s broadest portfolio in cellular, short range and positioning technologies paired with m2mAIR services covering application enablement as well as deployment management & connectivity under mobile networks and over the Internet & Cloud. Telit benchmark-quality products and services are delivered with global support and logistics exceeding exacting requirements from customers large and small. Telit’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. delivers The Internet of Things made Plug & Play. Now innovate!

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