June 6, 2014

Telit Appzone lowers costs and speeds up time-to-market

Telit Wireless Solutions supports m2m application developers

December 8, 2011 – Telit Wireless Solutions, an internationally leading specialist in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, announces Telit AppZone. Telit AppZone is an embedded application space in Telit’s G30 GSM/GPRS module, enabling easy application development with industry standard C code. It eliminates the need for an external CPU, RAM and ROM, further reducing size and cost. The Telit AppZone platform is open: it targets a wide range of different products and verticals, such as remote monitoring and control, security and surveillance, telemetry, location services, billing, or fleet management.

Standard M2M solutions require an external CPU connected to the modem in order to control it. Telit AppZone shifts this capability into the module itself, reducing hardware cost and saving space on the PCB. In addition, it makes application development easier because the developers only need to master one programming language – standard C – which is widely-used and very powerful. Normally, application development requires different languages for the modem and the microcontroller. Telit AppZone is an open platform providing standard interfaces (POSIX, BSD), allowing easy integration/porting of applications from a different OS/ platform. It allows developers to implement/port applications using their knowledge on open software, libraries and protocols.

“The improvement in time-to-market with Telit AppZone is evident”, explains Dominikus Hierl, CMO at Telit Wireless Solutions. “We had an application developer, who evaluated the G30 module with the Telit AppZone. In a conventional environment, the evaluation would have taken four to eight months. With Telit AppZone, the client managed to master the coding, to assemble and develop the hardware application and to complete the testing in only one month.”

Integration of Motorola M2M bears fruit

The client materials are available for download at https://www.telit.com/appzone and are designed to provide a very user friendly environment for the developer. Telit provides tools for programming, debugging and for flashing the software into the module. The AppZone software platform comes with sample applications and a “skeleton” code that developers can use as a starting point for building their own applications.

“Telit AppZone is a fine example for Telit’s successful integration of Motorola M2M”, says Hierl. “The project has been started by Motorola M2M and completed by our joint team. We can now offer our clients the widest portfolio of programming environments, allowing them to develop applications in Python or in Telit AppZone.”

Telit’s G30 is a very flexible module because it comes in two variants with same HW form factor: LGA or connectorized. It has recently been certified by AT&T, which makes it even more attractive for m2m applications.

All Telit AppZone materials can be found at https://www.telit.com/appzone

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