June 6, 2014

Telit and Intoxalock® keep drunk drivers off the road with wireless breath alcohol device

Connectivity from CC864-DUAL M2M Module Provides Real-Time Monitoring of At-Risk Motorists and Enhances Public Safety

Raleigh, NC – August 10, 2011 – Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc., an internationally leading specialist in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, announced that its CC864-DUAL cellular M2M module will provide connectivity for the advanced wireless ignition interlock device from Consumer Safety Technology, Inc. (CST).

The Intoxalock® Home and Mobile eLERT™ (Electronic Live Event Reporting Technology) devices are units which combine the reliability of the Intoxalock ignition interlock device with Telit’s CC864-DUAL to allow law enforcement officers, fleet managers and even parents of teen drivers to wirelessly watch over at-risk motorists and keep drunk drivers off the road.

"By equipping the Intoxalock eLERT with advanced wireless capabilities, we are able to offer up-to-the-minute monitoring and GPS tracking that allows monitoring authorities to securely check on potential intoxicated motorists, including previous DUI offenders, fleet drivers, and even loved ones to reduce liability and keep our roads safer," said Scot Lewton, vice president of CST. "Telit’s compact modules were easily integrated into the unit design, allowing us to maintain portability while providing reliable, product-enhancing cellular connectivity."

The new Intoxalock Home and Mobile eLERT units instantly upload breath sample information to Intoxalock’s secure online WebLog Reporter. Enabled by the Telit CC864-DUAL module with GPS capabilities, authorities can also access essential driving information, including a vehicle’s coordinates, speed and route, with date and time stamps to remotely monitor offenders. To ensure user adherence, the Intoxalock unit includes a small, mountable camera for positive identification of the sample provider and sensors to detect tampering or device circumvention.

"With the advanced wireless capabilities, the Intoxalock eLERT devices clearly demonstrate the power of M2M technology, adding new features to a product that not only enables effective monitoring of potential drunk drivers, but also protects other drivers on the road from their irresponsible behavior," said Mike Ueland, vice president and general manager of Telit Wireless Solutions North America.

With its ultra-compact design, and extended operating temperature range of -30° C to 80°C, Telit’s CC864-DUAL is the perfect platform for medium-to-high-volume M2M applications and mobile data and computing devices. In addition to other value-added features, the CC864-DUAL incorporates standalone GPS and gpsOne® capabilities for applications in mobile environments such as telematics, personal and asset tracking, as well as over-the-air maintenance and management of software in the module to protect customer investments.

Telit offers customer assistance and information exchange for device designs in the Telit Online Technical Support Forum, an open developers platform that also serves as an invaluable technical knowledge database for the entire M2M community. Telit is also inviting developers from around the globe to gather October 10, 2011 for the inaugural Telit DevCon. For more information, visit www.regonline.com/telitdevcon2011.

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