June 6, 2014

Monitech Announces Zero-Installation Tracking System for Automotive Industry Based on Telit’s Advanced GPS, M2M technologies and m2mAIR Services

Monitech’s Car Lighter Tracker is market’s newest product to integrate trending satellite positioning technology based on combined GPS and GLONASS for improved location accuracy and speed

Wroclaw, Poland and London, UK – September 3, 2012 – Monitech Sp. z o.o. a Poland-based tracking technology innovator and Telit Wireless Solutions (AIM: TCM), a leading global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) modules and value-added services, today announced the launch of Monitech’s Car Lighter Tracker or CLT, a zero-Installation compact tracking device based on Telit’s cellular M2M, GPS+GLONASS satellite location module technologies, and new m2mAIR high-value connectivity and management services. Designed for the automotive aftermarket and fleet management segments, the product is supported by flexible and easy to use web and mobile application tools.

The CLT is a compact device that operates directly from its mounted position in the car’s cigarette lighter or 12VDC power port. It is equipped with Telit’s Jupiter SL869, a state-of-the-art 32-channel global position satellite receiver module capable of obtaining a position fix from either GPS or GLONASS satellite constellations. This capability gives the CLT superior precision and speed, making it possible for vehicle coordinates to be obtained quickly even in areas traditionally challenging for GPS-only tracking devices, such as urban canyons and above-ground parking garages.

Besides ultra-accurate tracking while parked or driving, built-in high-sensitivity accelerometers which will be incorporated into the product’s second generation planned for release next year, will allow the CLT to detect attempted intrusions or collisions while the vehicle is parked. When these are detected, alerts can be transmitted according to user programmed preferences, via Facebook, Twitter, SMS-text message or e-mail to law-enforcement or other recipients. CLT users can manage tracking and alarm settings though an easy to use online portal or through mobile apps available for iPhones, or Android devices.

The CLT is serviced and cellular-connected through a comprehensive suite of advanced services from Telit’s new business unit, m2mAIR. The advantages for Monitech are numerous because tracking devices need reliably connect anywhere but not at the expense of financial viability. With m2mAIR, Monitech can maintain tight cost control over cellular subscriptions for each CLT allowing the SIMs and cellular modules to be provisioned and managed throughout the CLT’s integration cycle, i.e., production, testing, inventory, and activation. m2mAIR’s comprehensive coverage is also fundamental to cellular-connected tracking business models.

"With the CLT you are always in the know with notifications about your vehicle’s whereabouts and alarm events sent straight to your mobile phone. And because of m2mAIR the product works right out-of-the box", said Patryk Szymczak, chief executive officer, Monitech.

Telit’s GE865-QUAD enables reliable cellular data communication for the CLT anywhere in the world, in consumer, commercial and industrial segments such as automotive aftermarket, fleet management, asset tracking, security, and other location-based services (LBS) application areas. Once activated, the CLT connects through Telit’s m2mAIR managed and value added services providing Monitech the ability to precisely tailor its location-based services to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction in this competitive market.

"Monitech’s CLT is one of the first products to integrate a Telit GLONASS & GPS GNSS receiver with an m2mAIR connected cellular module accurately reflecting Telit’s shift towards a more service-oriented range of solutions for our customers. We are proud to have played such an important role in bringing the CLT to market", said Dominikus Hierl, chief marketing officer at Telit Wireless Solutions.

Monitech expects to start volume shipments of the CLT in November 2012, with Release Candidate (RC1) units out in 1st October. More information about CLT can be found on official project website: www.carlightertracker.com.

About Monitech

Monitech is a team of engineers, creators and innovators. Together we have built an Engineering Competence Centre and R&D house in the areas of embedded systems, telemetry, tracking devices, home automation, server backends and high availability server-side applications.

For the automotive industry Monitech provides ERP solutions for transport management of large vehicles fleets. Monitech designs and produces devices, such as taximeter remote controllers used in EV vehicles, with one of the latest solutions being the Car Lighter Tracker.

Monitech is also heavily into telemetry and home automation, taking advantage of mesh radio networking and GPRS transmission. One of our most complex projects is the Talga – home augmentation solution designed for the consumer market.

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