June 6, 2014

Meta System chooses GE863–SIM module from Telit for its MetaSat RC06 MBK telematics device

Specifically, Meta System has chosen to base its GSM/GPRS solution for its MetaSat RC06 MBK device on the GE863-SIM module from Telit. The module’s key characteristic is its affinity for integrating a SIM chip, a feature that markedly increases the device’s robustness. 
The MetaSat RC06 MBK is a sophisticated device designed specifically to improve motor insurance telematics services. It was designed by Meta System for any vehicle – whether it is a car, lorry, motorbike or digger – that operates in extreme ambient conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humid climates or high-vibration environments.

The architecture of the device is based on the GPS system, which facilitates the locating of the vehicle using coordinates obtained and then plotted on a map. GSM/GPRS, which supports the sending of software updates, information on the vehicle’s location and other insurance-related data to the multi-service centre operated by Octo Telematics – the world leader in telematics applications for the insurance and automotive market and a member of the MetaSystem Group. The GSM/GPRS solution is supplied by the GE863-SIM module from Telit Wireless Solutions. This module was chosen in view of its affinity for integrating a SIM chip, a feature that markedly increases the device’s robustness.

The GE863-SIM module from Telit Wireless Solutions takes care of the data collection and reporting, the monitoring of the vehicle’s position in real time and the tracking of journeys made by collecting information about which places were visited and when. It also permits the acquisition and analysis of data relating to accidents, facilitating an accurate reconstruction of the dynamics of the event after it has happened, as well as supporting remote updating of firmware and GSM module applications.

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