June 6, 2014

M2M specialist Telit experiences stable growth despite the crisis

The world’s third-largest M2M specialist Telit grew in 2008, bucking industry trends. "Unlike its main competitors, Telit has a lean operating infrastructure and is also in a position to grow more quickly in 2009 than its rivals. That’s why we’re looking optimistically towards the 2009 fiscal year," said Oozi Cats, CEO of Telit Communications PLC. "We are in a stable financial position and we are therefore able to focus entirely on the further development of our products and services, customer service and the acquisition of new markets." 

Strong position on a booming market

Representing one of the key technologies, the M2M industry is of major importance for the future of the telecommunications industry. The market currently has an annual volume of around €20 billion. M2M facilitates applications that companies can use to improve their productivity and competitiveness through increased efficiency, optimised cost savings and improved service.

"The great thing about M2M is the fact that it can deliver almost any number of revolutionary new applications for any industry and any sector of daily life," said Cats. Telit is acknowledged as the technical innovation leader in the M2M market and is currently the only supplier to cover all of the relevant wireless technologies with its portfolio. These include GSM/GPRS, UMTS/WEDGE/HSDPA and CDMA/EVDO as well as short-range technologies such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Short Range RF, wireless MBus and GPS. "Our customers are therefore able to adapt and scale their M2M architecture with boundless flexibility," explained Cats. "This is how Telit helps to lower the long-term total cost of ownership. In turn, this guarantees a rapid return on investment and thus a significant competitive advantage."


Broad customer portfolio and long-term partnerships

With more than 350 employees and sales offices in 15 countries, Telit is represented on all of the world’s key markets. The company is one of the three biggest global M2M solutions providers, serving more than 3,000 customers from key industries. These include OEMs, solutions providers for communications technologies and systems integrators in a total of 56 countries. Telit sets particular emphasis on close and long-term customer relationships. "Our vision is to overcome the limits of international economic life in the long term," says Cats. "Customers can as a result optimise their business models and save costs. This also opens up a whole new dimension of customer service."


Telit anticipates growth

Even in the current economic downturn, Telit is confident that there will be a positive development of the M2M market and that Telit will continue to grow. "Despite the crunch, Telit expects to report stable growth results for the fiscal year of 2008. We also anticipate rapid and sustainable growth for the next two years and we believe we will continue to gain market share," explained Cats. The CEO calculates that long-term planned investment projects in particular will provide sales even in times of this global economic downswing. "Public organisations and supply companies especially plan long-term, over a period of five to ten years. This is why there will continue to be growth in this area."


See the latest interview with Oozi Cats at www.telit.com.

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