June 6, 2014

M2M specialist accelerates market launch of car emergency call systems:


Rome, 16 December 2010 – Telit Wireless Solutions, an international leading specialist in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, has developed a testing environment for eCall applications. eCall is an automatic emergency call system being planned by the EU for cars. Effective tests are the basis for rapid and smooth market launches of eCall solutions. A white paper on Telit’s website describes the set-up and scope of the testing environment, as well as the implementation of eCall on the Telit GE864-QUAD Automotive V2 module.

eCall, derived from "emergency call", is a system that automatically transmits a basic set of data to an emergency number. This data includes the time, the precise location of the vehicle and the last direction that it was travelling in, along with the vehicle’s registration number and the eCall status, which specifies whether the call was triggered manually or automatically. Once the data has been transmitted, eCall establishes a voice connection, through which the driver can talk to the emergency services control room, provided he or she is able to. An inband modem forms the technical basis for eCall. With the GE864-QUAD Automotive V2, Telit’s model is the most cost efficient and most compact on the market to offer inband modem functionality.

Faster market maturity thanks to standardised tests
When an emergency happens, the emergency services control room needs to receive and decode the automatically transmitted data correctly. The new Telit testing platform is addressed like a real emergency services control room. A linked database also creates log files for automatic testing sequences. Testers are able to call up their results via a web interface.
"Reliability is a crucial factor for eCall applications," says Sandro Spanghero, Global Vice President R&D at Telit. "With this testing platform, we are helping our clients bring their applications quickly and in the best possible quality to the market."

Legal emergency call initiatives
According to a survey by the European Commission, more than 40,000 people die each year in road traffic accidents in the continent. More than 1.8 million people are injured. The damage to the economy amounts to over Euro 160 billion a year. eCall is intended to significantly reduce these numbers. If the current plans are approved, all new cars registered in the EU from 2014 onwards will have to have eCall functionality as a standard. A comparable system, based on the GLONASS satellite navigation system, will come into force earlier in Russia. Telit is already able to support TIER 1 car suppliers in their preparations for eCall.

"Thanks to pioneering initiatives such as the eCall project, the automotive sector is one of the fastest-growing M2M user segments," explains Dominikus Hierl, Global VP Automotive & Corporate Business Development at Telit. "With its particularly robust construction, compact form factor and extremely low energy requirements, the GE864-QUAD Automotive V2 is ideal for mobile use."

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