June 6, 2014

Isabella Products selects Telit’s m2m module to enable two-way cellular communication on digital frame vizit digital photo frame

Revolutionary Digital Frame Sends and Receives Images Instantly and Securely from Anywhere via Telit’s GE864-QUAD Cellular Module.

"Vizit is an excellent example of a new class of emerging consumer electronic devices that leverage the cellular network to provide consumers with a much richer user experience," said Felix Marchal, Global VP Sales Telit Communications PLC. "It’s truly an innovation in photo sharing because the Vizit is so simple to use for people of all ages. Teenagers can snap a photo on their cell phone, hit send and it will appear almost instantly on their mother’s or grandmother’s Vizit anywhere across the country."

Leveraging the Telit module and a cellular network, the revolutionary Vizit device securely receives photos from cell phones, e-mail, personal computer or other Internet photo management sites wirelessly and instantaneously. Vizit features an easy-to-use touch screen interface coupled with a personalized online www.VizitMe.com account where users can fully manage their photos online, including creating and editing captions, tags and slideshows. Vizit and VizitMe.com will also support various third-party Internet content running in micro-applications on the device.

"We recognized early on the value of cellular technology in the consumer electronics market and the impact that M2M will have on increasing simplicity in the everyday lives of consumers," said Matthew Growney, founder and CEO of Isabella Products. "The Telit module is ideal for Vizit because of its small size, ease of integration and the company’s proven guarantee to protect both our and our customer’s investment over time."

The low profile and small, 30x30x2.8 mm size of Telit’s GE864-QUAD make this GSM/GPRS module one of the smallest and most powerful modules available. Featuring a Ball Grid Array (BGA) design, tape and reel packaging and an integrated TCP/IP protocol stack that provides support for UDP, FTP and SMTP via AT commands, the GE864-QUAD is ideal for compact applications. Equipped with Premium FOTA Management, the GE864-QUAD can receive over-the-air remote software updates, and because Telit owns and controls the firmware within its modules, any changes to underlying chipsets will have minimal impact on customer application designs.

To learn more about Isabella Products or Vizit, log onto https://www.VizitMe.com.

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