June 6, 2014

IPM SYSTEM integrating Machine-to-Machine technology from Telit Wireless Solutions for solar panels

Solar photovoltaic specialist IPM SYSTEM International using Telit M2M modules to increase efficiency, prepare for Smart Grid connectivity

London, UK – July 17, 2012 – Telit Wireless Solutions, a leading supplier of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) modules and services, has won IPM SYSTEM International GmbH as a new client. The Germany-based company specializes in the area of renewable energy, developing innovative regulation and control technology for the optimization of solar photovoltaic panels.

The photovoltaic specialists’ solution portfolio is centered around the Intelligent Power Management System (IPM SYSTEM®). This is a Smart Grid-compatible system that can be regulated and controlled to boost the efficiency, transparency, flexibility and safety of photovoltaic systems. The solution can be used with both new and existing systems, and can therefore also be integrated retroactively and cost-effectively into solar power systems.

The central solution approach is an innovative and intelligent variable switching arrangement of the individual solar modules, which differs from the series switching arrangement that is most commonly used, allowing the efficiency to be boosted by up to 21 per cent.

Photovoltaic systems are monitored and controlled via Machine-to-Machine communication. This means that the status of the PV systems can be verified at any time, or the anticipated energy yield determined. Faults or efficiency losses can also be rapidly detected through M2M communication. It also forms the basis for the setup of the smart grids of tomorrow, intelligent power networks that require the complete communications-based networking and management of equipment for generating, transferring and distributing energy. SIM cards from Telekom Deutschland and radio modules from Telit are being used for the M2M data transfers in the IPM SYSTEM.

Klaus Wiedemann, Managing Director of IPM SYSTEM International, points out: "The strong potential for greater efficiency that our solution provides offers completely new prospects for sustainable energy supplies. From a cost-effectiveness perspective in particular, the IPM SYSTEM is able to make a considerable contribution towards the efficient use of solar energy. One central solution component, especially in light of the issue of the Smart Grid, is M2M communication, which is assured through radio modules from Telit."

The IPM SYSTEM uses the GSM/GPRS module GE865 from Telit. Measuring just 22 x 22 x 3 mm, it is currently the world’s smallest quad-band BGA (Ball Grid Array) module. This makes it the ideal solution for M2M applications in areas where size and installation height are critical factors such as PDAs or telematics terminals, for example. Thanks to the BGA technology no other system connectors are needed.

Dominikus Hierl, Chief Marketing Officer at Telit Wireless Solutions, explains: "The energy sector is one of our core strategic target markets on which we are also seeing a very high demand for M2M solutions. With IPM SYSTEM, we have successfully gained a trendsetter in this field as one of our new clients. We are delighted that we are able, with our GE865 radio module, to make an important contribution towards making the next generation of automated solar power systems a reality."

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