June 6, 2014

Ineltec Announce Wireless Patrol and Panic Button Monitoring System

Company to use Telit M2M technology in revolutionary security system

São Paulo Brazil – April 18, 2013 – Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, products and services, today announced that Ineltec, a provider of high-quality security systems and access control solutions, selected Telit as its cellular module supplier to integrate the company’s wireless panic button and patrol-baton solutions.

The Bastão de Ronda Real Time is a security-patrol baton into which a remote monitoring device is integrated and used to monitor the patrol activity performed by security personnel. The Botão de Pânico e Alerta GPRS is a panic button product developed to allow the user to transmit an alert to a monitoring center and which can also work for the supervision and online monitoring of gate-keeping activity. Both products use Telit’s G30 GSM/GPRS module.

Ineltec’s Bastão de Ronda Real Time allows remote monitoring of patrols providing real time location information on security personnel. It also includes a panic button which can be used by the patrol person to alert a monitoring center of extreme danger situations. The system allows reporting, subscription management and programming to be done from any computer through the RondaWeb web portal.

The Botão de Pânico e Alerta GPRS performs two primary functions. Under alert mode, the user has to push its button to check in to the system signaling the monitoring center. Here it is possible to program the schedule in which the gatekeeper has to operate the device. If the button is pressed in the scheduled time, an alert is sent to the monitoring center informing that the schedule is being followed. The second functionality is the panic mode designed for emergency situations. When the panic event is registered, an emergency alert is sent to the monitoring center which can provide the necessary assistance and response.

The G30 is a compact, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) – Land Grid Array (LGA) form factor module designed for cost effective, scalable automated manufacturing; making it an ideal choice for demanding small host devices like AMR, telematics, security, and wearable tracking. The G30 is designed for harsh industrial environments and features industry leading RF performance. The feature set includes quad-band GSM/GPRS, extended operating temperature, UART-MUX, jamming detection and embedded data protocols. The G30 also supports embedded SIM technology.

"Products such as these which deal with the safety and security of human lives must never fail. Telit’s modules are well known for being robust and reliable, something essential for us", says Roberto Fonseca, Director of Ineltec. "The G30 also has low power consumption and is produced locally in Brazil".

"Ineltec devices are a great example of what the Internet of Things can bring", says Ricardo Buranello, Director of Telit Latin America. "They supply high quality solutions that make people’s lives and their surroundings safer. Telit is proud to be a part of these two poducts".

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About Ineltec
Ineltec is a provider of high-quality security systems and access control solutions. Its customers and partners are security managers and companies looking for quality patrol monitoring done with precision and transparency.

Ineltc’s solutions are important tools so that security companies can offer the guarantee to their customers that the job is done right. Those tools allow the online monitoring of security personnel 24 hours every day.

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