June 6, 2014

Industrial PDA Gets Smarter with M2M Technology

Parcel service providers can track delivery status in real-time for accurate scheduling, optimize travel routes for higher time, fuel efficiency

Seoul, Korea – October 18, 2012 – Telit Wireless Solutions, a leading global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) modules and value-added services, today announced that its M2M modules have been selected by handheld device manufacturer D.O.Tel for integration into DOTH-200 and DOTH-300 scanning PDA devices for logistics and parcel services.

D.O.Tel’s DOTH-200 and DOTH-300 boast compact dimensions, as small as a smart phone and only 220g in weight. At the same time, they are highly rugged, and therefore suitable for use as industrial PDAs. D.O.Tel has also successfully incorporated 45-degree scanning angle, which had been a strength of Japanese products widely used in Korea. These are all-in-one products, providing every feature used and desired in the in the industry such as, 1D and 2D barcode scanner, HF RFID reader, Bluetooth, and GPS. By using the Samsung ARM11 800MHz CPU, these devices can process data in high speed, and because of Window CE 5.0, they have enhanced scalability, security and stability in operation.

D.O.Tel’s scan PDA devices are well known in the market. CJ GLS has been using their devices for individual parcel service providers since August 2010. CJ GLS received the devices free of charge in exchange for using the ‘voice talk’ plan. Ilyang Logis has been using the device since November 2010. Daeshin Parcel Services is also using the device in its branch offices and terminals. Many other parcel service companies have adopted the device.

By using these PDAs with Telit‘s UC864-K, parcel service providers can track real-time delivery status information from the direct connection to systems in the head office. This enables a more accurate understanding of sales data and revenue statistics, and also helps provide accurate scheduling and optimal travel routes for high time and fuel efficiency. In addition, by quickly sharing sales information dramatic improvements in the sales process can be reaped resulting in increased sales productivity and customer satisfaction.

Telit’s UC864-K is an HSDPA (High speed downlink packet access) module, specially developed for the Korean market. It supports simultaneous voice and 7.2Mbps high-speed-data in the cellular 2100 MHz band. It is designed into a 30mmx36mm, 10g ultra-compact package, which is robust and temperature tolerant, perfect for most M2M applications and mobile data devices.

For those customers with global deployment requirements, the UC864-K is fully compatible with the CC864-K, an SKT IOT (Inter Operability Test) approved CDMA 1x module, the GC864, a GSM/GPRS module available for the European market, and the CC864-DUAL, dual band, CDMA 1x, SPRINT certified module for North America.

"Telit’s UC864-K product family can be used in telecommunication networks globally. Therefore, PDAs with the UC864-K can be sold both domestically and in global market. The may also be expanded for voice support. Therefore, the UC864-K is the optimal solution, which allows us to produce and provide the most innovative product to our global customers", said Eui-haeng Lee, CEO of D.O.Tel.

"By supplying the UC864-K, specially developed for Korean market to D.O.Tel for its PDAs for distribution and parcel services, we have a great opportunity to promote the value of M2M in the logistics and distribution market once again after the success that proved its reliability when it was also adopted for the BIP-6000S PDAs used by the Korea Post postal services," said Derick Tsang, President of the Asia Pacific region at Telit Wireless Solutions.

Telit, the market’s only technology company dedicated solely to M2M, enables with wireless module technology and m2mAIR services m2m solution providers to easily create and manage their M2M applications reducing the total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) necessary to operate and support M2M user-applications while ensuring highest quality and reliability.

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