June 6, 2014

Gas distributor adopts M2M to enhance operations, safety, and environmental impact from real-time monitoring of LPG tanks

Telit Customer Sensile Technologies and WACnGO Announce New Deal with Latin American LPG Distribution Giant.

Morges, Switzerland and London, UK – December 05, 2012 – Sensile Technologies SA, a Swiss leader in remote monitoring products for the oil & gas industries, Telit Wireless Solutions (AIM: TCM), a leading global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) modules and value-added services, and WACnGO LTD, an Israeli leader in overall solution logistics optimization for the oil & gas distribution market today announced a new deal with Latin American LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Distribution Giant.

After recently supporting SENSILE with technology, development, and regional cellular regulatory in Australia and North America, Telit’s collaboration with SENSILE continues into South America. In Brazil after winning a big bid with an LPG distribution giant, WACnGO partnered with SENSILE to implement new functionalities into SENSILE’s new remote monitoring units NETRIS®. The contract involves the deployment of thousands of units on the customer’s LPG tanks to enhance efficiencies in distribution logistics, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), carbon emissions reduction, and safety throughout its Latin American distribution operation.

NETRIS® is SENSILE’s flagship product based on Telit’s cellular M2M module GE865-QUAD, and the result of over 10-years’ experience in development and production of autonomous telemetry equipment for the oil & gas industries. Its unique and user-friendly design makes it quick and easy to install in a wide variety of gas and liquid storage tanks. The use of NETRIS® with WACnGO’s solution allows total control of vendor inventory of oil & gas consumables in customer tanks thereby lowering logistics costs. It also reduces transportation hazard and carbon emissions associated to tanker-truck fleets which can be removed from the roads on unnecessary replenishing routes. The embedded Telit GE865-QUAD enables NETRIS® to use either GSM (SMS) or GPRS (IP-data) from cellular networks to connect to monitoring services allowing it to function from inside buildings, underground, remote areas, etc. NETRIS® follows in the great tradition of Swiss products meeting exceedingly high standards of quality and reliability.

"This deal in Brazil achieved by our partner WACnGO is an important milestone in SENSILE’s globalization effort, with operations started in Europa, Australia, Africa, and North America. With the WACnGo system we were able to penetrate the Latin American market and address very complex and advanced customer requirements. We believe the WACnGO system’s overall capabilities in combination with SENSILE NETRIS® units comprise the most complete solution in the market today", said Jean-Marc Uehlinger, Operational Director, Sensile Technologies. "With Telit we have a technology partner enabling us to further improve our solution which is more critical now as we go global.

"Working with Sensile since 2007 has provided us with rich insight into the Oil and Gas vertical segment. Our products will evolve to continue meeting more stringent specifications from this important segment," said Dominikus Hierl, chief marketing officer at Telit Wireless Solutions.

Industry’s only pure-play m2m, Telit creates value by partnering with customers to provide expert guidance and support from concept development through to manufacturing quickly bringing ideas to market in all application areas including the new "smart" space. With service enhanced products in cellular, short-range, and satellite-navigation easily bundled through high-level software interfaces, Telit-powered m2m devices cost less to integrate, maintain, operate, and update with lower price points for bundled products and savings translating into competitive advantage at the time of sale and throughout the operating life of the customer device.

About Sensile Technologies

Founded in 1999 and based in Morges, Switzerland, Sensile Technologies is a market leader in remote monitoring solutions for the oil & gas industry. Sensile Technologies supplies high-quality products – all Swiss made and ATEX certified – and dedicated service and support.

Sensile’ reliable solution features robust sensors and specially designed monitoring units coupled with a user-friendly web portal for data analysis. It provides a number of advantages to oil & gas merchants and their customers, including:

  • Automated inventory management

  • Efficient logistics & lower carbon footprint

  • Improved customer service and bindingAssurance that tanks will never run dry

Sensile’ solution is currently installed on more than 40,000 tanks and meters, in over 42 countries on all continents. Sensile is active in Europe, Oceania, North America and Africa.

About WACnGO

WACnGO is a subsidary of WAC US founded in 1988 at NY USA. WACnGO located in Tel-Aviv Israel and is a world leader in overall logitics optimization solution for the LPG distributors companies. WACnGO system is the only system which gives a complete solution from the tanks level remote monitoring to the trucks deliveries, through special equipement in the trucks which includes RFID. WACnGO is the only solution which gives a real RFID tank identification "handshake" for the entire filling transaction.

WACnGO customers have reached more than 30% improvement in the logitics efficiancy.The major value-added of the system is:

  • Increase operation efficiency

  • Intelligent inventory management

  • Prevent & detect fraud

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Offer consumption based billing

  • Promote green solution – decrease the greenhouse gas emission

  • Enhance company image

WACnGO is active in Latin America, North America, Israel and east Europe.

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