January 15, 2016

FastSensor Brings the Proposal to Change the Way Companies Invest in Marketing and Media

The solution is retail oriented and aims to bring a new shopping experience for the consumer, reducing  annoying advertisements and phone calls at inopportune times.

Sao Paulo, January 19, 2016 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that its cellular modules are integrated in FastSensor, a new product for tracking consumers in a wide variety of retail outlets to identify off-line shopping patterns and reverse into a Real Time Tracking Experience (RET). The product aims to innovate the way companies invest in marketing and media to attract consumers and improve brand loyalty.

The sensing device was created for passive tracking of mobile phones to identify shopping habits of individual consumers, such as the length of stay at a window display, in a store or by store shelves. Moreover, FastSensor can track the size of footwear and garments that customers usually purchase and track their interest in promotions. It is also possible to derive the conversion rate of visits, service staff, store layout, the average time a customer spends in line, purchase/dropout rate, as well as compare performance of stores and branches.

"The service aims to bring a different approach in the way people do business and also how people search for assertive results in advertising campaigns," says Daniel Bichara, CEO, FastSensor. The product development and commercialization is performed by FastSensor, a startup from the spin-off of Bichara Tecnologia, a telecommunications equipment provider.

With an investment of R$ 2 million to develop the project, the company expects to market FastSensor to other niche markets in Latin America and the United States. "The FastSensor, which received the same name as our startup, is a product aimed at tracking the audience of spaces and is intended to assist in measuring various dimensions of brand and/or store loyalty. We have talks already started to expand into Chile, Colombia and the United States,” says Daniel.

The project was developed in partnership with Telit. Ricardo Buranello, VP, Telit Latin America, says FastSensor is an innovative product that can bring a new shopping experience for the consumer. "The product was created to reduce consumer exposure to advertisements and telemarketing calls at inopportune times; this solution tracks and measures habits in a passive mode. We know, for instance, that a cellphone was present several times in a store during promotions and then, it stopped. Companies can use this information to map consumer interests and push promotion marketing assertively.”

The FastSensor also aims to identify and correct weaknesses in product positioning in stores and shop windows, cross customer information, behavior and length of stay in each space. The goal is to make shopping pleasant, boost sales, engage and gain customer loyalty.

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