June 6, 2014

Extended network of distributors

Rome, 20 November 2007 – Telit Wireless Solutions, a global leader in the field of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, is extending its range of services and level of customer support by setting up Competence Centers around the globe. The partner companies, selected on the basis of strict criteria, offer special skills and engineering services in the technical design of cellular M2M applications based on Telit technology. Until now, seven Competence Centers in Europe as well as North and South America have joined the new Telit programme in order to give customers extended support services.

The Telit Competence Centers provide design, development, integration assistance and other value added services to customers looking to execute an application design. By developing individual concepts, they help to integrate the innovative suite of Telit GSM/GPRS modules and services in cellular M2M solutions in order to achieve best technical result. Therefore customers can benefit from outsourcing parts of their development to experienced partners with tremendous competences in the particular field of wireless cellular. Moreover, OEMs can focus on their specific core know-how of product development and increase R&D efficiency as well as final time-to-market performance.

Broaden possibilities for customers

"The Telit Competence Centers provide extended support services and additionally help our customers to broaden their GSM/GPRS landscape. In this context Telit customers can experience the Competence Center as a professional and reliable partner which solves the communication integration in short time," says Dominikus Hierl, President of Telit Wireless Solutions. Beside extending customer support, the Competence Center partners will complement Telit’s current distribution network. Even though they are no sales channel, the Compentence Centers will indirectly contribute to generating new business for all partners.


Tough selection procedure

The Competence Center partners are being selected on the basis of strict criteria. Firstly, they must demonstrate a wealth of experience in GSM/GPRS design and have proven their skills in the development of hardware, software and mechanical components. The companies should also have far-reaching knowledge of international certification procedures and be experts in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of electronic concepts. Having a large number of contacts on the international M2M market also plays an important role in the selection of the Telit Competence Centers, as does having close links with local manufacturing partners.

The following partner companies currently form part of the close circle of international Telit Competence Centers: SEVA Engenharia Eletronica S/A (Brazil), ionSign Oy (Finland), CETEC (Germany), Gatetel (Israel), Skytechnology s.r.l. (Italy), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), The Morey Corporation (USA). Inquiries relating to the Competence Center selection process can be posted on the Telit website, www.telit.com.


An overview of the Telit Competence Centers:

Competence Center Brazil
SEVA Engenharia Eletronica S/A
Marcelo Rezende Ribeiro

Tel.:+55 31 3211-10000
Fax:+55 31 32211 1010



Competence Center Finland
ionSign Oy
Kimmo Aho

Tel.:+358 40 721 3688
Fax:+358 2 822 0098



Competence Center Germany
Peter Güntzer – Managing Director

Tel.:+49 89 67346061
Fax:+49 89 67346066



Competence Center Israel
David Ezer

Tel.:+972 54 7665754
Fax:+972 9 7454549



Competence Center Italy
Skytechnology s.r.l.
Ing. Giampaolo Figini

Tel.:+39 02-370511 or +39 02 37051241
Fax:+39 02 4156786



Competence Center Slovenia
University of Ljubljana
Andrej Stern – Mobile Project Manager

Tel.:+386 31 625892
Fax:+386 1 47 68 732



Competence Center United States
The Morey Corporation
Keith Gelinas – VP Sales and Marketing

Tel.:+1 630-754-2285
Fax:+1 630-754-2300


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