June 6, 2014

Digital Matter Telematics to Embed Telit Cellular Technology in Rugged Remote Monitoring & Tracking Device – G52 Solar

Five-band HE910 Series to Provide High-speed Mobile Data Connectivity for Self-contained Solar Telematics Device & Service

London, UK – November 5, 2013 – Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, products and services and Digital Matter Telematics, a South African-based provider of innovative technology in design, development and deployment of embedded electronic devices and software, today announced that Digital Matter Telematics’ self-powered G52 Solar and the company’s OEM Server Platform are to provide effective, easy-to-deploy-and-use solutions for remote mobile asset monitoring, tracking and management under a broad range of environmental conditions with no need for external power supply. The product is to employ Telit’s HE910 Series for 3G and the GE910-QUAD V3 for 2G mobile data connectivity.

With a built in solar panel, the unit requires no external power supply making it an accomplished renewable energy device. It is ideal for tracking and monitoring assets as well as other applications requiring reliable performance in harsh environment and low-touch conditions, including multi-purpose tracking: low cost tracking/monitoring device, rugged and weather proof, allowing the device to be attached to any asset in most environments; asset tracking: fitted to rental equipment, to monitor location, fuel level, running times and battery status; trailer tracking: fitted to the top of trailers to track and monitor; and schedule tracking: providing updated tracking and monitoring information in set time increments.

The G52S’ solar panel keeps the internal battery charged and the unit operational, allowing regular updates from the unit even when the trailer or asset is disconnected from a vehicle. The unit’s multi-axis accelerometer allows it to monitor asset movement and status, generating alerts and performing live tracking. The G52 Solar also integrates an SDI-12 interface allowing easy communication with a host of environmental sensors and is offered in 2G and 3G mobile data variants.

The unit’s HE910 module is a member of Telit’s flagship xE910 family, a compact 28.2 x 28.2 x 2.2 mm form factor family. The xE910 comprises 2G, 3G and 4G products in GSM/GPRS|UMTS|LTE and CDMA|EV-DO, sharing a common form factor as well as electrical and programing interfaces allowing developers to implement a "design once, use anywhere" strategy. The xE910 family is also available with optional m2mAIR global mobile connectivity and cloud services. Therefore, in addition to improving the performance of the 3G G52 Solar, the adoption of Telit modules also enables future market and business options for the Digital Matter Telematics device.

"The G52 Solar was engineered to automotive specification and can do a lot more than just track assets", said Alex Soldatos, Managing director at Digital Matter Telematics. "With the added functionality of various peripherals we create a total package solution which can be tailor made to suit just about any industry with logistical needs. Digital Matter Telematics provides hardware solutions through a partner channel and our OEM Server allows us to quickly and easily integrate with third party and partner software platforms."

"The xE910 family allows the G52 Solar to be offered in the two versions currently marketed by Digital Matter Telematics – 2G and 3G – with a single hardware design", said Cyril Zeller, VP Global Telematics at Telit Wireless Solutions. "And, as demand grows, the application of this module family will continue providing them the opportunity to expand the reach of the product into additional regional market over most cellular technologies and speeds."

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