February 24, 2015

Connecting the Enterprise To The Edge – Telit Enabling The Next Quantum Leap In Productivity Gains Across The Internet of Things

Telit’s global structure supports a One Stop, One Shop (OSOS) model that is designed to accommodate multi-party, multi-region touch points to achieve full enablement.  

London – UK, March 2, 2015 – a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced, that the company’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. offering is enabling a new era of enterprise productivity gains through never before seen advancements in data acquisition and management .

“As advanced as Information Systems (IS) have become inside the four walls of the enterprise, they still rely heavily on human or batch entered remote/outside data from the edge of enterprise operations,” says Oozi Cats, CEO of Telit Wireless Solutions.  “Telit, via The Internet of Things, is about to change all that as we propose to connect every information asset directly to enterprise information systems, no matter how remote its location or how small the size of its relative informational contribution.”

In the 80s, the PC disrupted Information Systems Management at the enterprise level, resulting in one of history’s most significant leaps in productivity across all sectors of the economy.  Today, we are about to witness another such leap – but one that has the potential of reaching an entirely different level from its predecessor 30 years ago. 

Telit’s solution began to take form as the Internet of Things 30 years ago…before there even was an IoT! The solution is comprised of modules, an application enablement platform with secure data integration via the Cloud, plus mobile data connectivity with the value-added services required to securely and effectively manage very large numbers of deployed devices. 

This unique triangle of modules, connectivity and data services is important because Telit is the only company that delivers each important element – and all within the company’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. solution offering.

Cats continues, “Telit is expected to ship hundreds of millions Cloud-ready communication devices for the Internet of Things over the next 15 years.  And this could very well represent the tipping point in the simplification of the process for connecting remote assets, removing any remaining barriers to mass adoption and standardization, both of which will help the enterprise make a quantum leap in productivity, efficiency and value creation.”

Application enablement, Cloud and enterprise integration are the areas of Telit’s OSOS that are most visible and closest to the enterprise CIO when connecting edge devices.  Once data can flow to and from the edge device, it must be enabled on the enterprise side by applications designed to align it with the business logic of systems receiving it.  Furthermore, this data must be collected, transferred and stored in absolute security; be encapsulated in the proper formats and protocols in order to become an integral part of enterprise information systems from IBM, SAP, Oracle, or others. The Telit deviceWISE platform delivers this integration by leveraging special firmware in the Telit module and the robustness of a platform which was designed from the ground-up for machine data integration and traces its roots to groundbreaking research by the world’s top IT giant started more than 30 years ago.

CIOs especially value that Telit OSOS makes it simple to connect enterprise assets and that it can be easily prescribed down the entire supply chain to integrators, partners and enterprise suppliers, so that the end solution delivers risk mitigation, lower cost and performance optimization.

Learn how Telit is breaking down barriers to success and making the Internet of Things plug and play with ‘ONE STOP. ONE SHOP.’ –  a solution dedicated to the connectivity and value added services required for provisioning, operating and maintaining a single, or many million edge, device. Visit Telit at Mobile World Congress in Hall 5 at Stand 5E61.

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