Telit and OpticalLock Help Businesses Use Cellular IoT to Prevent Cargo Theft, Counterfeiting and Enable Rapid Asset Recovery

OpticalLock’s OPTi-100 monitoring system has patented sensors that detect motion, security status, humidity, location and other conditions for high-value fixed and mobile assets

Telit’s xE910 modules ensure that OPTi-100 devices can always find a network, from legacy GSM through 4G LTE, including Cat M1, NB1 and NB2

London, September 23, 2020 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that OpticalLock is using the Telit xE910 family of modules to help railroads, shipping companies, storage facilities and other businesses monitor and secure high-value mobile and fixed assets. The partnership is the latest example of how Telit enables solutions like OpticalLock to secure key parts of the global supply chain against piracy, which the International Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) predicts will drain $4.2 trillion from the world economy by 2022.

OpticalLock provides a comprehensive suite of connected solutions for monitoring, securing, tracking and recovering assets in shipping containers, trucks, planes, rail cars, security boxes, storage facilities and more. The suite includes the OpticalLock OPTi-100 product series, a palm-sized device whose shackle fits inside the eye rings designed for traditional locking mechanisms and provides status alerts.

The OPTi-100’s patented sensors detect motion, security status, humidity, location and other conditions. When there is a change, the OPTi-100 uses cybersecure, wireless communication to send an alert to the shipping company, asset owner or another authorized party. Customers can choose the version of the OPTi-100 depending on which wireless technologies they want to use. The OPTi-100A and OPTi-100B use the Telit xE910 family of modules, which support all major cellular technologies, from legacy GSM through 4G LTE, including Cat M1, NB1 and NB2.

The xE910’s network flexibility ensures that the OPTi-100A and OPTi-100B can maintain a constant, reliable connection, which is critical for securing high-value assets as they travel across a country, continent or the world. The xE910 also offers satellite positioning technology as an option, which OpticalLock uses for applications such as geofencing. At just 28.2 × 28.2 mm, the xE910 is highly compact, enabling OpticalLock to shrink the OPTi-100 to a palm-sized device.

“Telit’s technical expertise and technology are key for meeting our goals of designing a discrete, highly compact and internationally compatible solution,” said Jorge Sanchez, OpticalLock, CTO. “Telit’s robust hardware portfolio provides OpticalLock the perfect size, global compatibility and quality of connectivity to make our hardware design a reality.”

“The global market for pirated goods is worth about $500 billion annually, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). OpticalLock is a leader in providing businesses with the IoT tools necessary to secure their products and supply chains,” said Dennis Kelly, Senior Vice President Americas Sales, Telit. “Telit’s xE910 modules ensure that OpticalLock customers can be confident that they always know the location and status of their high-value assets virtually anywhere in the world.”