NExT™ eSIM Activation

A native bootstrap and “empty shell” eSIM enable remote configuration for single-SKU IoT devices. When turned on for the first time, the devices can be configured for any cellular operator worldwide.

This intelligent eSIM provisioning cloud platform selects operators based on customer-defined KPIs like coverage and device location.

A globe with lines encircling it, representing global data.

Simple Activation and Optimized Performance​

A person holding a smartphone with a digital pay button on it, showcasing the convenience of prepaid IoT connectivity plans.

Global Bootstrap

Our global bootstrap ensures the availability of initial worldwide connectivity. You can then install specific operational subscriptions in the field.

Screen displaying data analytics

Automatic Activation

You can define the business rules for your devices. For example, different profiles can be chosen based on location or network quality. ​

The best profile will automatically be downloaded when the device first powers on.

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Monitor Your Device Fleet

eSIM activation can be followed from our web portal, which will show updated information with activation results.

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