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Get the Building Blocks for Your EV Charging Solution from One Trusted Provider

EV parked on the street connected to an EV charging station with blue energy going from the charge point to the vehicle.

Revolutionize Your EV Charging Solution

Telit Cinterion can build your ready-to-launch custom EV charging solution with:  

Our solutions can elevate and future-proof your EV charging infrastructure and provide seamless, scalable connectivity. With our design and manufacturing services, we ensure quality and reliability over the lifetime of your product. You can bundle your modules and data plans with us to increase efficiency and get your EV charging application to market fast. 

An EV charging plug inserted into a vehicle.

5 Benefits of Partnering with Telit Cinterion for EV Charging

Remote Monitoring and Management of Your EV Charging Network

Cellular connectivity enables remote real-time monitoring for EV charging infrastructure, saving costs and enhancing dependability. 

Fast and Secure Transaction Processing 

Our secure cellular modules and data plans help you meet driver expectations with always-on connectivity for seamless, secure payments. 

A Stable, Future-Proof Cellular Connection  

Our IoT SIMs and data plans enable secure cellular connections to ensure reliability and reduce downtime. 

Comprehensive Connectivity and Device Management 

We offer connectivity and device management tools that provide full visibility and control for a successful, secure EV charging deployment. 

End-to-End Security by Design 

We build your EV charging solution with security in mind from the start of the project. 

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