Telit Cinterion Group Editorial Policy and Process

November 2021

Telit Cinterion group (“Telit Cinterion”, “we”, “us” and “our”) is dedicated to providing reliable and innovative solutions to meet the IoT, connectivity and software needs of companies and individuals. As part of our mission, we publish blogs, videos, press releases and other informational content pertaining to our products, as well as larger topics focusing on the industries we serve and the science behind relevant technologies.

We write with the best interests of our audience in mind and strive to provide accurate, relevant information. While we firmly believe in the value of our own products and services and will reference them when the context allows, we intend informational content produced in Telit’s name to be educational and valuable to all readers.

Telit Cinterion content is written by our employees and by qualified external authors. In both cases, we follow a strict editorial process to ensure that all claims are fully supported by existing research and available information.

All content published by Telit Cinterion that makes claims to the efficacy of products or to the state of an industry or technology has been reviewed — at minimum — by a subject matter expert in a relevant field. When precise scientific claims or those that may affect our readers’ financial decisions are made, we will support them by linking to a supporting, trustworthy third-party resource.

If you have any questions or input regarding this editorial policy and process or any content published by Telit Cinterion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at