The Next Solution in IoT Innovation: Telit and the Cisco Solution Partner Program

June 19, 2019

With the Telit IoT Platform, your development team can focus all efforts towards building applications to derive IoT value, alleviating the need to focus on the infrastructure to support it.

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The platform allows you to easily connect your things and enterprise systems together, saving your organization time and allowing you to get your solution to market quickly.

With Telit’s industrial-specific deviceWISE for Factory offering, no custom code is needed: you can quickly connect plant floor devices to your enterprise and IoT applications, including those on Amazon, SAP, IBM Watson. Our IIoT platform makes it easy to quickly connect factory to enterprise and the value chain so that you can get the data you need to improve productivity and drive profit.

Certifiably Compatible

Now Telit, together with Cisco, has taken a big step in offering this industrial IoT solution to Cisco’s network of customers through Cisco IOx. Telit has received Cisco Compatible IOx Certification using deviceWISE Asset Gateway software with Cisco 809 and 829 Industrial Integrated Services routers and the Cisco IC3000 Industrial Compute Gateway.

The certification tests were conducted by Criterion Network Labs (CNLABS), a vendor-neutral independent test facility offering industry certifications, interoperability and third-party testing for product vendors, enterprises and service providers. The interoperability testing was conducted as part of the newly launched interoperability verification test program by Cisco DevNet for IOx applications.

Cisco IOx allows application developers to work in the familiar Linux application environment with their choice of languages and programming models with open-source development tools for rapid, reliable integration with IoT sensors and the cloud.

Telit deviceWISE and Cisco will enable manufacturers and other industrial customers to quickly and easily implement their industrial IoT strategies (IIoT).

Bringing the Solution to Market

Telit is partnering with WESCO International to bring the powerful combined bundles to market. WESCO and its system integrator (SI) partners will implement Telit’s deviceWISE Asset Gateway software bundled with Cisco IR809 and IR829 routers. By streamlining a wide variety of IIoT implementation processes, Telit’s deviceWISE for Factory solution enables WESCO customers to free up time and budget for initiatives that maximize operational productivity and efficiency.  

Telit deviceWISE Asset Gateway enables manufacturers to overcome a major, common hurdle in their IIoT initiatives: collecting, managing and delivering industrial machine data.

Telit deviceWISE Asset Gateway eliminates the need for WESCO and their SI partners to spend customers’ time and budget on custom code, while allowing them to quickly connect to cognitive clouds and IoT applications. Instead, customers can focus on project tasks that offer more business value.   

Telit deviceWISE includes a large library of native device drivers and industrial protocols, making it ideal for industrial IoT applications. Embedded robust edge intelligence logic allows customers the ability to configure alarms and events for condition-based monitoring that make automatic decisions and take actions. Processed information from the sensor nodes are published through Telit deviceWISE for seamless integration. 

Driving IoT Innovation

Delivering business outcomes for our customer is what sets Telit apart; we bring a genius level of expertise in hardware, connectivity, and platforms that is unmatched in the industry, and this is one step toward the acceleration and streamlining of Industrial IoT solution implementations. Learn more about the IIoT Connected Machine Bundle

“WESCO is focused on solving customer problems with the right technology and services. Telit deviceWISE allows our customers to get fast reliable IIOT results”

– Jim Flederjohn, Director of Digital Transformation, IoT – WESCOJim Flederjohn