Marco Contento

Vice President of 5G Technologies

Marco Contento is the Vice President of 5G Technologies for Telit. He is a technologist with over 20 years of global wireless experience in a broad range of IoT technology categories. Marco is responsible for Telit’s long-term roadmap of products and solutions and is leading the 5G program and strategy. Marco has been with Telit since 1997 and has held several titles including Head of Product Management. Throughout his Telit career, Marco has been instrumental in leading the product roadmap and working with chipset partners, carriers, key customers and the sales team to define product requirements. Marco holds a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from University of Trieste.


Blog Posts

5G and the Smart City

August 13, 2021

Smart cities involve many connected sensors and devices generating large data quantities. When managed well, […]

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5G and IoT: Emerging Technology with Endless Use Cases

February 19, 2021
5G technology is in its infancy, but is seeing rapid growth and adoption. See how these futuristic networks enable new IoT functionality, and what comes next.

As society runs rapidly into a new phase of the information age, recent advancements in […]

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FAQ: 5G and the Factory

January 15, 2021

Factories are already experiencing 5G’s faster speeds and low latency and are implementing 5G-leveraging solutions, […]

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Emerging Use Cases of 5G Technology in Industry and Manufacturing

January 13, 2021

At most factories and industrial sites worldwide, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has not yet become a […]

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Understanding 5G Spectrum Frequency Bands

November 10, 2020
Understanding 5G Spectrum Frequency Bands

What Frequency Spectrum Do 5G Networks Use? 5G, or “5th Generation,” cellular technology represents a massive leap […]

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Massive IoT and 5G: What’s Next for Large-Scale Cellular IoT

September 21, 2020

Massive IoT vs. Critical IoT The transition from simple machine-to-machine (M2M) connections to the complex […]

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How 5G’s Low Latency Drives New Applications and Use Cases

July 27, 2020
How 5G’s Low Latency Drives New Applications and Use Cases

5G Represents a New Frontier for Network Latency and Reliability Most of what you hear […]

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5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband: Use Cases and Advantages

June 8, 2020

Enhanced Mobile Broadband: The Continuing Evolution of LTE The innovations 5G will bring to wireless […]

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A Primer on Beamforming and Massive MIMO in 5G Technology

June 5, 2020
Telit Tropical

What Is Beamforming and Massive MIMO in 5G? The first wave of ultralow latency, high-speed […]

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Cut Through the 5GE Marketing Hype

May 7, 2020

Emerging 5G high-speed wireless technology has tremendous potential, but nomenclature confusion clouds adoption.    Cellular wide-area networking (C-WAN) […]

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