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Focus on maximizing the value of your IoT solutions and apps with the Telit Cinterion and MicroEJ IoT enablement solution.

MicroEJ has ported its Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) software container on our IoT modules to facilitate application reuse. It leverages our modules’ high-value features and IoT enablement components.

MicroEJ’s VEE flagship software container enriches our offer to enable embedded software development on the module’s application processor. It simplifies IoT development, lowers costs and accelerates time to revenue.

The Telit Cinterion and MicroEJ solution enables you to:

  • Iterate fast and accelerate development due to the hardware and software separation
  • Reduce cost by using the integrated application processor on the module
  • Create portable and reusable software components and applications across products
  • Leverage our software enablement components and the peripheral support available on our IoT modules
  • Write applications with higher-level language (e.g., Java, JavaScript or Kotlin languages)
  • Extend support for drivers and peripherals through the IoT AppZone APIs
  • Dynamically manage software applications to keep up with technological innovations

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