Telit IoT Enablement for Telematics and Transport Solutions

Create your telematics and transport application with Telit’s IoT modules,
connectivity services, software and platforms.

Leverage Telit’s IoT expertise and leadership to get started on your telematics and transport solution. Our IoT adapter modules, data plans, platforms and subscription services empower solution developers to add 5G, Bluetooth, satellite positioning (GPS and GNSS), data orchestration, device and connectivity management, and security to their applications. Transportation enterprises can reduce risks to their drivers and vehicles and improve fleet operations with IoT-enabled telematics solutions.
Telit’s IoT products and services can enable telematics applications to:
  • Connect, monitor and manage vehicle operation
    From an IoT portal or mobile app, you can optimize routes, manage fuel costs, keep your drivers and fleet safer, and diagnose maintenance requirements remotely.
  • Monitor the health and location of equipment and vehicles
    Asset tracking helps enterprises locate lost or stolen vehicles, manage inventory, base maintenance decisions on real-time data, and maintain cost-effective and efficient operations.
  • Optimize routes based on real-time information
    Keep your fleet secure and productive and reduce fuel costs by leveraging insights gathered from connected vehicles regarding routes, weather, traffic and much more.
  • Customize insurance programs
    IoT-enabled telematics can help insurers provide customized services to their customers, create new revenue streams and improve driver behavior while saving customers money.
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