Zigbee Smart Energy Profile

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  1. Hi,

    I have some questions about Smart Energy Profile (SEP):

    – In Zigbee Smart Energy Profile we have: Energy Service Portal (ESI Telit), Metering Device (Simplemeter Telit), In-Premise Display Device (IHD Telit) and Range Extender Device (should be the router). I found fw only for ESI, IHD and Simplemeter. I would like to know how can I insert the router on SEP network?
    – How can I intercommunicate the coordinators (ESI) in SEP? On Telit SEP we have only ESI as coordinator an Simplemeter and IHD as end devices, so I need to comunicate with all networks.
    – Where can I find the full list of commands for Standard zigbee and for SEP?
    – Does it have any test profile from Zigbee Alliance to certificate a product with Zigbee?


    See attached an eg. of SEP network.

      1. Hi, 

        at the present SEP include only the packet you see in order to manage ESI, IHD and Simple Meter Device 

        you should program zig bee module with sw for Coord, router and end
        point and manage them following user guide (refer to demokit user guide
        on web site)