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  1. About ZE61 config, in the Application Frame Direct, the last parameter is "BroadcastRadius" and I would like know what is the maximum value I can set it.


    1. Hi

      The BroadcastRadius indicate the max number of hop that the packet can do into the network:

      the possible value are:

      0:in this case it is set automatically to  2* MaxNwkDepth = 2*15 = 30, so the packet will do max 30 hop.

      1-255the packet will do the hop number indicated

      1. Is it better keep with zero for it works automatically or 255? If I set the maximum value instead of the default will impact on the network?

        1. Hi 

          it depends by distance between modules, data to transfer and number of modules into the same network.

          In normal condition, (a network no so much complex) you can leave automatic setting.