ZE51-61 Protocol stack inconsistencies

One thought on “ZE51-61 Protocol stack inconsistencies

  1. I have a ZE61 which was bought as a discreet module and a ZE51 which was bought combined with a USB dongle.

     According to the Dongle Users Guide, it is programmed according to the Z-One Pro Protocol.

    This is not quite true.

    practice one has to program it using a set of AT commands that are only
    described in the Telit_XE51_61_Test_Stack_Application_Note document.

    What this does, in practice, is to map a sub-set of the Z-One Protocol to a set of Hayes type modem registers.

    I can get 1 dongle to speak to another without any set up at all, they work out of the box.

    The discreet ZE61 is indeed  programmed via the  Z-One Pro Protocol.

    What I want to do is to get the ZE61 to speak to the ZE51 dongle.

    That AT commands have nothing relating to networking, at best I can change the channel number.

    SO, how is it done?