ZE51-2.4/SMD-IA – ZE51-2.4/SMD-WA compatible host PCB

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    Hello All,

    looks like ZE51 uses Fractus FR05-S1-N-0-110  antenna. ZE51 user guide
    recommends in the section RF layout considerations placement ground and
    no ground areas. For module with integrated antenna no ground area is
    considerably larger as Fractus recommends in antenna datasheet.

    you think that it is possible to design host board PCB for module in
    the such a way that PCB will be compatible with both modules (with and
    without integrated antenna)?

    Please see PCB idea in attached file.


    Best Regards



    1. Hi

      Yes, I confirm that
      customer idea is good.

      This is quite equivalent
      to the design of our DIP module which accepts both ZE WA and IA.

      1. Hi Cosmin,

        I have Telit democase based on ZE50-2.4. Is the layout of  ZE51-2.4 DIP modules the same?

        My PCB is rev.B 905.001.476. Pictures in ZE51-2.4 datasheet show rev A 905.001.393.

        Can I use this pictures as example of good universal layout for ZE51 with and without antenna?




        1. Hi
          your design can be considered as a good layout for ZE51 IA and WA.
          Best Regards,

          Romano Da Ronch

          Technical Support – EMEA Application Engineering 


  2. Dear Sir,

    I have three ZE61-2.4 evaluation boards (Telit). I have updated “FY.T01.03-B002.s28” firmware in two boards, now both boards is not responding any commands.

    Please let me know, what I did wrong with module.



    1. Hi

      are you using our SRmanager tool to manage the modules?

      if yes (after flashing the module) you have to manage the module selecting S-One as technologies and 19200 as baudrate. In fact FY.T01.03-B002.s28” it is a SW test based on star protocol.

      Refer to star protocol user guide attached to know all at command

      Please do not use 2G.00.09 version but following version: