ZE51-2.4/SMD-IA reserved pins

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  1. Hello all,

    I need to use ZE51-2.4/SMD-IA pins J8 and J9 which are marked as reserved. Previous design, based on ZE50-2.4/SMD-IA, uses this pins, because ZE50-2.4 RF Module User Guide 1vv0300837 Rev.0 – 05/06/2009 does not mention that this pins are reserved.


    Previous design has configured pins as follows:

    J8: digital output, external pull-up 47K to Vcc

    J9: digital input, external pull-up 10K to Vcc. 



    1. Hi,
      afraid but your doc it is an old doc. Latest revision recommend to do
      not use J8/J9 pin of ZE. They are considered as RESERVED pin (do not
      connect they)

  2. Hi,

    thanks for answer.


    I agree that ZE50-2.4 RF Module User Guide 1vv0300837 Rev.0 – 05/06/2009 is old, but in the time when we designed our device with this module it was up to date.


    In the meantime ZE50-2.4 RF Module User Guide 1vv0300837 Rev.3 – 24/08/2010 was published. This version mentions J8/J9 pins as reserved, but I am not aware of any HW change on ZE50-2.4 module.

    We use SimpliciTi stack for network communication and our own application to control GPIO pins. Our application uses J8, J9 pins and runs flawless on ZE50-2.4.


    Could you send me please more details how J8 and J9 is connected to CC2530 and other components?

    If yes, please send it to piskor@elcom.sk. 

    If not, please inform me as soon as possible I try to obtain information from our distributor (Rutronik Slovakia).



    1. Hi Miroslav,


      J8 and J9 are reserved in ZE51 to be fully compatible with ZE61 which do not provide these pins.

      But in ZE51 J8 and J9 are connected, so there is a retro-compatibility with ZE50.

      J8 is connected to port P0-7 of CC2530 and J9 to P1-6.