xE910 Mini-Pcie power saving mode.

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  1. Good day,

    I feel a bit daunted after reading so many articulate, professional threads here.  My design was originally using HE910 and DE910-Dual by buying the module designed by Janus-rc but we are wanting to switch to the xE910 Mini PCIE.  We used the serial UART connection to communicate between the microcontroller and module and manipulated individual pins to execute the desired function.  Specifically we would pull DTR pin high or low based on the desired function.  

    Our application will not be utilizing the digital audio pins on the mini-pcie.  We are simply sending and recieving SMS.  Therefore if I am reading the Telit_xE910_Mini_PCIe_Adapter_Hardware_User_Guide_r7 correctly then my communication with the module is limited to the USB pins.

    How would I put the module into power save mode without manipulation of the DTR line solely using USB?  Previously CFUN=5.  Would CFUN=7 place the module in power saving mode without direct manipulation of DTR?  

    1. Yes mode 7 of CFUN does not use DTR. What software runs your microcontroller, are you able to implement USB comms?

      1. Custom OS using the Giant Gecko FM32GG380F1024-QFP10.  The microcontroller supports USB2.0 FS.  Though the Mini-pcie is supports HS communication, is it capable of throttling back to full speed?

        1. Yes, the USB FS is supported for AT interface and data communication. You could have problem with the firmware upgrade which is not supported through FS host.