xE910 Hardware Design

2 thoughts on “xE910 Hardware Design

  1. Hi, I have some doubts about hardware development in HE910 and GE910.


    1. HE910 Power Supply: can I use 4.1V with 500mA or 640mA fuse? Power outage estimated in peaks: max 200mV – 300mV
    2. SIM Card
    Using 2 SIM Cards in parallel without Switching IC. One of them is reseted (OFF) and the other is working. (220R resistors in series with IO/CLK, Power supply with 50mA fuse, internal resistance near 10R)
    Do you know any problem on this type of mount?

    3. Antenna Guidelines
    Using Coplanar Waveguide, the results of antenna line is different of User Guide. What is the best suggestion? What customers already use?


    Thank you!

    1. Hi Micael,

      here you are:


      1) since current peak can be as high as 1,6A a 640mA fuse should be not enough I believe


      2) Contact the SIM manufacturer to see how are the line status when in reset. This is a solution we usually don’t suggest.


      3) Waveguide calculation can be different using diferent tool to calculate, due to approximations. And also the result depend on dielectric Er and thickness. So it can differ from our example.

      All teh customer more or less use graunded coplanar