xE910 Frequency Bands and Operators

4 thoughts on “xE910 Frequency Bands and Operators

  1. Does LE910-NAG works only with AT&T or it works with the bands that AT&T reserve in USA?

    I need to use it in Canada but I’m afraid that it might not work there!

    1. It should work with any operator (not just AT&T)  that has the BANDS that supported in NAG variants.
      Which operator are you going to use in Canada?

      1. I’ll use it with any operator has the same frequencies, but I’ve another question, the LN930 has more bands than LE910-NAG, but I can find in its AT Commands Manual how to scan the networks, so what’s the difference between LN930 and LE910-NAG and can I use LN930 for easy scan networks like LE910-NAG?

        1. Hello,

          First, The LN930 is an M.2 data card which is well suited for tables & laptops devices.

          Also, since it is a data card, it does not support voice. 

          You can scan for available networks with the LN930 the same way as in the LE910, using the command ‘AT+COPS=?’.