xE910 external antenna interface

2 thoughts on “xE910 external antenna interface

  1. Good afternoon,

    I hope that you could help me to understand the following issue:

    I am implementing an external antenna interface for both xE910 module (2G GE910 QUAD V3 and 3G HE910-D options). 

    The antenna detection circuit is also present on the PCB according to Telit’s guideline.

    As suggested I placed an AC coupling capacitor (33pF) isolating the xE910’s RF input from the DC source path sinking into the the external antenna path for its detection.

    The question is:

    Do I gain some advantage in keeping the AC coupling in case of simple direct connection from ext antenna to RF pad? (e.g. when the antenna detection circuit is not populated).

    Do I have to add some passive network on RF track in between for ext antenna tuning for getting device certifications?

    Basically I would like to find the righ compromise using the minimum number of parts for RF antenna connection in order to optimize RF performance (PCB layout).

    Thanks in advance.