xE910 application processor connectivity design

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  1. Greetings,

    We wish to build a custom hardware for generic xE910 family connection to a host processor. The host processor and the Telit module will reside on the same PCB.

    Which interface should be used for a high speed connectivity between the modem and the application processor, compatible across the whole family range from 2G to 4G? Is it possible to directly connect the USB port of the Telit module to the USB host controller interface on the application processor?

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    Atilla Mete Turedi

    1. Of course USB is the first choice regarding speed if your host processor/software can implement the required drivers.

      1. Hello Cosmin,

        Many thanks for your reply. Our host processor will be running Linux OS. What we plan can be seen in the attached block diagram. Is this block diagram a viable solution? Does Telit supply Linux drivers for this?

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