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  1. We have an audio product that uses DVI (slave burst mode with 17clks per sample) to pass caller audio to/from a Telit x910 module. We have 2 possible configurations, 1 for normal bandwidth audio which uses a GE910, and 1 that uses wideband AMR audio (aka HD-Voice) which uses a HE910 (not v2).

    The audio received in the latter configuration by the far end caller is around 12/13dB below that for the GE910. I have tried to use the AT#PSET=1200 and AT#PSET=12 (with PSEL=1) and the AT#PCMTXG=1200 commands, but both return CME ERROR: from the HE910.

    The setup is the same for both devices except for the following:

    HE910 is not issued AT#CPASMODE=1 or AT#REGMODE=1 commands

    HE910 is port 2 for DVI (AT#DVI=1,2,0)

    HE910 runs at 16kHz – necessary to get increased audio bandwidth – so sends AT#DVIEXT=0,1,0,0,1

    How do I get the far end caller level to be the same as the GE910?

      1. Hi Luca,

        My colleague emailed TS-EMEA directly on 25th May and only received an automated response. We have received no further responses to the email which is why I posted the question on the forum.

        1. Hi

          I replyed directly to a guy Paul Schofield; it was the 26th May and I wrote:

          Hi Paul,

          You are right GE and HE have different level by default (and should be more than 12dB I think).

          If you need to equalize the level you can increase the HE910 mic gain with AT#DIGMICG=12.

          I would like to remark the fact HD voice is not still fully operative on HE910; I’m sorry fort his and we are on the road to complete the porting so for now I don’t suggest to use HD in a massive way.

          Best Regards,

          Luca Marcato

          Can it be he never get my mail?

          1. Hi Luca,

            Thanks for your reply

            Do you know when the wideband audio on the HE910 will be completed?

            Kind regards

            Chris Saunders

          2. Hi Luca,

            I tried the command you suggested to increase the gain on the HE910, but the module responded with an error. It appears that none of the HE910 variants support this command according to the HE910/UE910 AT Commands Reference Guide (Rev.10-2015-10-26).

            Are there any other ways to increase the speech level ?


            Chris Saunders

          3. Hi Luca,

            I take it this command was added to the HE910 command set in the 12.00.006 or 12.00.007 software release. Incidentally, the SW Versions document (Delta SW Versions 12.00.xx1 – 12.00.xx7 80378DSW10007A rev.6 2015-10-26) only mentions the update to the UE910, not the HE910.

            Our modules are supplied with version 12.00.005 so we would need to upgrade the firmware to have this command – is that correct?

            On our carrier board design for the HE910, we have no external access to the module’s serial port, so programming would have to done through the on-board processor – is this possible or can it only be done using XFP with a direct connection?


            Chris Saunders

          4. To upgrade via your microcontroller is possible but is  another piece to implement, you must obtain the upgrading procedure information signing a NDA via the official channel. I’m afraid a simple bridge won’t work.

          5. Can we obtain this information via our supplier (Sequoia in the UK) or do we have to apply directly to Telit? If so who do I contact?

            Would it be possible for Telit to do an over-the-air update to a specific module to allow us to carry out the necessary tests prior to implementing the programming procedure?