Writing data to NVM

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  1. Hi,


    I know it’s not recommended, but i need to eventually use the GE865-QUAD as a data logger.


    Is it possible to write a file to NVM without knowing it’s final size ?


    For example , i send: AT#WSCRIPT="file.txt",2000000,0    (2MB)


    then i start writing the data as i need, i send for example 100 bytes and when i don’t need  to write anymore i send some escape sequence to finish the writing before it reaches 2000000 bytes.


    I tried sending CTRL+Z (0x1A) but didn’t worked.


    Is it possible ?


    1. Yes! It is possible and I’m using same module for data storage, but you must use file methods like f.open, f.append, f.close.

      1. Nikolay shows how to do it with Python, however from AT interface with #WSCRIPT is not possible to write partial content into files.


  2. Yes, in fact i cannot use the script to do that, because i need to log data that is coming from another module:


    Module > MCU > GE865


    Isn’t there an AT command to append content to a file in NVM ?


    I tried :






    But it overwrites the file





    Perhaps there’s a flag to append data ? Any workarounds for this ?