Where do I download the ZigBee stack ZOne PRO?

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  1. Hi there,


    Recently I bought five modules ZE61-2.4 DIP with external antenna connector. After read the documents on Telit website, the engineering team chosen ZOne PRO stack, we need to know if the ZOne PRO is available to download.


    Thanks in advance

  2. Yes is available in the Download Zone, file is Developer_Package_ZE51_ZE61_IA_WA_PRO_1_02.zip

    download link sent to you.

    1. Thank you for fast reply.


      I have other questions to you:


      Currently we are working under Linux, this source code can be compiled in Linux?


      Is there only Telit_Z_ONE_PRO_Protocol_Stack_User_Guide_r0 that documents the ZOne PRO stack?


      Thanks and best regards 

        1. In the Download Zone, is better obtain access there through your sales channel or try "Contact us" on top of the page.

          1. At the present ZE module is based on Window OS.
            A product that works under Linux is GG863 SR that include Pro3 module and ZIG Bee module.
            I will keep you updated if we will scheduled ZE under Linux in future.
            About documentation, I confirm that you should get all info on Protocol Stack user guide You downloaded on your PC.