WFP tool problem

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  1. Hello,


    I’m having a problem when using the WFP 1.7 tool for GE863-PRO3.

    I wanted to revert the module to a fresh install, and downloaded a .stream file from for that purpose.

    The WFP tool recognized it and showed the correct product name.

    When the programming process started, it took a little while and it failed.

    My problem is that after this failed procedure, the module is completely dead, UBoot doesn’t load, it doesn’t respond to anything, and the WFP tool can’t connect to in anymore.


    Is there a way to "revive" the module from this situation? 


    Thank you,


    Naor Korona. 

    1. Please read the "Bootloader Recovery Application Note" doc from Download Zone, if you have a JTAG adapter you can follow the software steps described there.


      Link here.