Using the AT#WSCRIPT command in pyhton

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  1. Hi Guys,


    What is the correct procedure to downlaod a pyhon script using the wscript command in a python code. Well, i can download or compile a script using all the other means but i’m unsure what to do in python after the >>> prompt.


    after the >>> prompt what must be done next in PYTHON? Do i have to type the file name again or any text, or enter CR and LF or just wait and see what happens? or what?.


    I’ve read the manuals, googled and even took some chances but to no avail.


    Please any heads-up in the form of a workable hint or procedure, will be appreciated.





    1. I’m not sure what do you mean with "to downlaod a pyhon script using the wscript command in a python code"? Maybe you are referring to upload utilities within PythonWin?

      1. Thanks for the reply


        TheTelit Easy script python manual talks of download; and what i meant by download is; to download a python file from PC to the module by using a pythonwin interface to issue (type) the at#wscript command and related syntax; instead of using a termianal program or the other short cut means.

        It’s just for interest sake, as this particular method is not explained in the manual except using hyper terminal.


        Please let me know if still unclear, maybe just my use of terminology that is misleading.



        1. In Pythonwin there is a dedicated too called "Telit Module Script Upload" under Tools menu; you cannot directly use AT#WSCRIPT as in a terminal software.


          1. Thanks Cosmin, that was the confirmation i was waiting for and it will be nice if the phrase "AT#WSCRIPT can’t be directly use in Pythonwin to download/upload file to a module" is added to the Telit Easy Python Manual when next revised.


            It was just for curiosity sake as i was just playing with it.  I’ve been using mostly terminal programs and esp right clicking a file then select download to transfer files to the module.


            Anyway, thanks once more for the closure.