Using QXDM with Telit modules for cellular protocol diagnostics

4 thoughts on “Using QXDM with Telit modules for cellular protocol diagnostics

  1. Hi,


    We’ve got some testing gear developed aroud Telic GC/CC864 modules. We also use QXDM, attached to development Motorola handsets to obtain the necessary signal and service information.


    So my question is: can Telit modules be used directly with QXDM to obtain all of the verbose signal information? There are some hints in the Telit documentation indicating this may be possible. Is there a special firmware firmware supporting QXDM information retrieval? Or may it be possible to enable this functionality on a stock firmware?


    Any feedback will be appreciated. We would happily get rid of those old handsets in our monitoring setup in favor of much more convenient Telit modules.


    Kind regards,

    Alex Dubov


    1. Hi Alex, there is such tool for Telit modules, please contact the company directly or through your distributor.

      1. I attempted to contact Telit directly by email and web form, however, no reply followed.


        I, therefore, asked my distributor (Dean Sarelius of Glyn Austrlaia)  to help me with it, yet all he could suggest is that I ask on this forum.


        That’s why I’m asking.


        Can you, please, give me a more specific contact within Telit to direct my inquiry to?


        1. Ah OK, use the email address sent by personal message and keep me current about the progress – some delay might appear people enjoying their vacation this week.