using 2 uarts causes data lose problem

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  1. Hello

    i have application that i use 2 uarts primary one(ASC0) is 2400 baud and the auxiliary(ASC1) is 2400 . the device connected to ASC1 is sending data all the time. it is sending its values again and again. when i need that values i get data and parse it.

    A rf receiver is connected to ASC0 via pic’s UART. when data receives it sends data to telit then i parse that data.

    my problem is i cant get data from ASC0 time to time if i remove receiver module it works fine but when i put it back i have data loses.

    i wonder if uarts using same buffer. or what may e causing the problem?

    Thank you…

      1. yes i am handling  with python script

        there is constant overflow on asc1 but that hasn’t been a problem until now

        1. Until know means with smaller program loads? Maybe your application is taking too much time handling other routines and thus buffers fill, try to put in place a service routine to read the serial ports and call it as frequently as you can.



  2. i have new receiver circuit design and make additions to my script  but they are not huge changes.

    my ASC1 is constantly on overflow (device sending data without stopping). but last version of python script i didnt face that problem.

    i modified receiver software so it will send data not that frequent now problem seems solved. (i have 5 minute server report routine on script so i can see what is receved and not).

    But it still bothers me. how did i managed to interrupt receive from asc1 by receiving data from asc0?