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  1. Hi.

    For internet setting  is used AT+CGDCONT= … and is need use AT#USERID="" and 
    AT#PASSW="" too .

    Now I write command (user defined SMS control) for configuration sms internet setting and I don’t know if must use USERID and PASSE too.

    where are sued this command :
    USERID and PASSW ..




    1. I think SMS over GPRS uses a lower level of the technology, not IP protocol. Simply use



      However check if your network supports this, billing method, any other information regarding the service.

      1. I’m sorry  but write my question.


        where are used this command . 

         AT#USERID="" and  AT#PASSW="" 
         if I set parameter for internet connection , need I set this too???

        USERID and PASSW is important for connection to internet???


        PS: if write any number to SIM card then I define if number is on international format or not. but what happened if define no international number (129) and number is start with + ???

        gsm module self rewrite this to 145 or what???



        1. No GPRS IP is used, so no need of #USERID and #PASSW; +CGDCONT is not used, so GPRS context is not activated.


          For international  format question, please rephrase, I didn’t understand. Write commands involved also.

  2. phone book….


    and what is write to SIM???



    and this write to SIM what??? 




    I don’t understand your answer . 

    if I buy new gsm module (no specified  setting) and want connect to GPRS.

    use only AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet","",0,0
    and then AT#GPRS=1 and all is OK or need set other parameter (AT#USERID=""
    AT#PASSW="" …)


    1. Of course you need to setup each new module for GPRS connections., including correct APN, userid and passwd as specified by the network operator.


      AT+CPBW command description is clear enough, your question has no sense, simply use the correct numbering scheme.

      1. About AT+CPBW… and AT+CPBR …

        I test it and this is result:

        AT+CPBW=5,"0903123456",145,"Test number"

        and after this use AT+CPBR=5 gsm return

        +CPBR: 5,"+0903123456",145,"Test number" 

        gsm module test if is defined 145 or 129, if detect 145 and number don’t have + on first position  then add + . 

        an then test this :


        AT+CPBW=5,"+421903123456",129,"Test number"

        and after this use AT+CPBR=5 gsm return

        +CPBR: 5,"+421903123456",145,"Test number" 

        gsm module test if number have first  char + or no, if is: then 129 change to 145.

        it’s means so it’s good to save number still with parameter 129 and gsm module automatic rewrite this to sim.  because is number is not in international format (with out of +) and we define so is then gsm module append + , and tel number is incorrect.